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At Hollywood Pressure Washing & Cleaning our goal is to make your property shine bright like a diamond. When we perform pressure washing & cleaning services we go above and beyond to ensure all stains are removed from your property by our trained pressure cleaning crew. We can pressure wash a wide variety of surfaces to revive them from weather damage, spills, dirt and mud accumulation over the years. If you have a parking lot that seems to be extra dirty and is turning customers away, call Hollywood Pressure Washing & Sealing to pressure wash your parking lot today, seal it and leave no nasty oils spills or dust.
When we seal a surface, we use the best product on the market, Acrylux. It is essential to thoroughly pressure wash and clean the surface prior to applying the sealant, giving your area that brand new look as if it were just installed. Ready for a 5 star pressure washing and cleaning service? We are ready to deliver on the best pressure cleaning jobs on the market and leave your property looking brand new.
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