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Owensboro RoofPRO is one of the leading roofing companies in Kentucky. The recent hail and wind storms that effected Owensboro and surrounding areas caused significant damage to many homes roofs, siding, and gutters etc. If you suspect your home may have suffered any type of storm damage due to hail or wind have one of our experienced estimators inspect and evaluate your home for any potential damage.
Hail damage in some cases is not immediately apparent and may become more evident in the months to follow. If you have already been denied by your insurance company in some situations you may have called them to soon. Call Owensboro RoofPRO and arrange an appointment to inspect your roof and property and if any damage exists we can schedule a re-inspection with your insurance company and get the denied claim reversed and approved no matter how old or new your existing roof may be. DO NOT attempt to evaluate the damage yourself as most homeowners cannot differentiate hail damage from normal deterioration.
When hail and strong winds exist near residential areas, homes may sustain considerable hail damage to your roofing, siding, and gutters. Owensboro RoofPRO can repair any type of roof damage. Our estimators are insurance claim experts with over 31 years experience. We are able to meet with your insurance adjuster on an insurance claim and act as an assistant to identify all damage to be included in the claim regarding the loss. It is in your best interest to have one of our experienced estimators present during the insurance adjusters inspection.
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