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Proof Pest & Mosquito Control is Michigan’s best pest control company, offering the greater Detroit area with superior pest control services. Detroit and all it’s suburbs, including Wixom and Rochester are home to a large amount of insect and rodent species. Summer months bring out many of these spiders, ants, and wasps, and leave many Michigan homeowners seeking help. Proof Pest and Mosquito Control is available for these emergencies and offers emergency pest control services throughout Michigan, in particular the Detroit area. In addition to offering emergency extermination services throughout Detroit, we also offer our popular pest prevention service which is comprehensive and very effective at keeping pest out of your home for good. The prevention services include a thorough inspection of the property, in which our technician will identify where the bugs and rodents are entering the home, and locate where they are nesting to remove pests at their source. The technician will then remove all cob webs, power spray our repellent on the perimeter of the home, treat all crevices and cracks, and perform a yard spot to effectively deter all pest away from the home for good. These measures make sure that all pests are removed from your home and that your home is undesirable for any pests to live around. Inside your home we use our organic pest control products, that are safe for children and pets, but still effective against pests. Offering 100% organic pest control products in Michigan means we can provide all homes and business in Michigan with safe and effective pest control services. If your home or business suffers from rodents, spiders, bugs, or any type of insects call Proof Pest & Mosquito Control now. With affordable and professional exterminator services, let us take care of your pest removal needs today.

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