Barber's Auto Svc

(386) 454-8126
Address 113 SW Barney St High Springs, FL, 32643
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Auto Repair & Service, Auto Repair Service, Black Barber Shops, Gainey Automotive, Import Auto Repair Service, Oil Change, Tow Truck Companies, Towing Service
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  • Janise Barrowclough
    DO NOT USE THIS SHOP--THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND WILL NOT RIGHT THEIR WRONGS!!! NOT REALLY LOCALLY OWNED--USED TO BE BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! Made an appointment to have a complete alignment on our 2014 Chevy Silverado to include the canper, castor and toe in. They assured us that they could and would do a complete alignment for $105 including tax. When the truck was picked up they were about to close so they were in a hurry to complete the transaction so they could go home, therefore we were rushed out the door. Upon arriving home and checking the work that we were charged for we discovered that they only did the toe in--and the covers were left off of the tie rod ends. Since we do not live far a call was made right then to them letting them know that we were unhappy with the service and disappointed that the caps were left off. They hurriedly said ok, ok, bring it in tomorrow and we fix it. When we brought truck back the next day they at first claimed to have done complete alignment however they did not provide the before and after print outs as requested when service was performed. When pushed for this information they admitted that they could only do the toe in and did not have the training to do the complete alignment altough they charged for it and they would not refund any of the $105 we paid. The manager/owner was very rude and unwilling to bend. At that time we informed them that we would let everyone know NOT to use this business!! It used to be locally owned and you could trust their work--now they are owned by someone who quite frankly must not understand english very well --the manager/owner was not willing to listen and did not seem to understand the issue. He did not care that we were very disappointed and just wanted us to leave. We used this shop because we wanted to support locally owned businesses--we will never make that mistake again without researching that the business is owned by someone who is actually from the area. We had to pay another shop $89 to have a complete alilgnment and that shop provided us with the before and after printouts with no problems at all. Mr. Barber would be very unhappy that his lovingly built up business is being ran by someone who does not care and overcharges for work that they can not even perform due to their "mechanics" not keeping up with their education. One must wonder who the ASE certified mechanic is there and if they even have one--maybe they think they purchased the right to say they were ASE certified when they bought the business--or maybe they just don't have enough pride or care about the work they are doing. CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH: DO NOT USE THIS SHOP--THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND WILL NOT RIGHT THEIR WRONGS.