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Auto Repair Service, Oil Change
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  • 3/9/2020
    Will take your cash
    did not fix cut yoke but had to rebuild a already rebuilt transmission.
    NO WARRANTY!!! NO HONOR!!! NO MORALITY!!! NO PRIDE!!! NO WARRANTY!!! Lie’s to save Face!$2,500.00 for went only 436 miles on a Total Rebuild??? Now costing $6,200,00 for a real second rebuild as this one was NEVER REBUILT by SKIPPYafter all I find out. This Is Not Right!!! Missed Diagnosis is Now costing me another $3,700.00 so far to fix the REAL ISSUES on My 1998 3/4 ton Chevy Express Van 4L80-E Transmission. SKIPPY’s Diagnosis Missed or was Never Done and Never Test Driven. Wrong Output Shaft and Rear Bearing, needed to be changed out and tail housing was damaged and never called me on it. Skippy just put it the 4l80e back together and never test drove the van. Right off the bat the transmission slammed into first and second, after 240 miles it lost Over-Drive. Then 436 miles it started blowing oil all over the rear. It's sat for over six months STUCK and Stranded in Phoenix, while trying to get AATCO to tow it back, but they don't have the ability to. Not able to tow this big a Van ether so shipping is the only way and that's over 350.00 alone. Now taken to AMMCO they discovered the Wrong Rear Shaft and the Rear Bushing should have been Replaced, but were NOT. Skippy never called me about any problems and for 2,500.00 they should of Diagnosis this as the yoke was a cut one in the first place and that should of been the first clue after me telling him the yoke had to be cut by the last people that replaced the trans. It’s on the ticket as my one of many problems with the transmission. The Rear Speed-O Gears on the end shaft should have been the second clue, this Rear Shaft was not for this application and should have been changed out. But it was done in a slap dash hurry. Not test driven even. So they could get out early on Saturday. Big clue was the speed-o is not at the rear and this rear shaft had that gear on the end which made it the wrong tail Shaft in the first place, but this and the Cut Yoke did not clue anyone in on the true problem it had, but they had no problem taking my cash. When Skippy was told it was at AAMCO he went off on how builders complain about what others do and he too had his saying about them. But all aside Skippy Did not Diagnosis that this rear shaft was not needing a speed-o gear but mine had one and should have been replaced to the right one. SKIPPY didn’t want to take the time to make it right in the first place. Plus SKIPPY said to AAMCO that I supplied the cut yoke, LIAR! (I drove in with it on and working at the time) and my Son and I told SKIPPY that was the problem when I DROVE IN and worked but leaking oil and shifting hard. Two years ago(another shop) they cut the yoke, I told him they had to cut to fit the transmission 2 years ago, I supplies nothing but CASH for incomplete incompetent work. Now after 436 miles, They Will Not Honor any of their work or Missed Diagnosis. Being on SSDI I am very limited on income so 2,500.00 for 436 miles is just not right. ELDERLY and Folk on Limited Income Beware. AAMCO will be taking it apart and recording if all inside was Replaced or Not, Which now I think they didn’t replace anything since it only had 2000 mile since it was last replaced with this rebuilt one. So power bands would not of had to of been replaced at all and that’s what Skippy and the Owners should worry about. They Have NO HONOR!!! No Pride!!! No Morality!!! Response from AATCO Transmissions;