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Aegis Academy builds safer communities by enabling responsible citizens to play an active role in their personal safety and self defense. We offer professional level instruction course in firearms, edged weapons, self defense and protective skills to the general public. Aegis Academy is dedicated to helping every member of our society take responsibility for their own safety and security. Confidence, capability, and independence are what this nation is built on. We are proud to help every responsible citizen meet his or her personal goals in the self defense area!

Our world class mentors are sourced exclusively from Military Special Operations Forces, Elite Law Enforcement units and select government agencies. Each has completed a thorough instructor development program.

Our professionally developed programs are what make Aegis Academy unique, available in Southern California, which is one of the most tourist friendly locations in the world. Bring the family and send them to Disney Land, Sea-world, Lego Land or the beach while you meet your training goals. Firearms, edged weapons, protective skills and common sense can all be useful tools in the self defense area – if you learn to use them! We are all excited to help you on your journey!
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Gun Safety & Marksmanship Instruction, Business & Professional Services
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