InControl Medical, LLC

Address3225 Gateway Rd, Suite #250 Brookfield, WI, 53045
(262) 373-0422
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  • 9/18/2022
    Has taken payment without delivery of product, company unresponsive
    On January 27th 2022 I ordered their Apex device from what was then Pour Moi. I received the receipt via PDF and my credit card was charged $215.90 at the same time. After the purchase I received what I would characterize as follow up emails from the company on February 16th, April 4th and May 18th citing supply chain issues for the delay in the completion and shipment of my purchase. These emails were always from the same person. The last email from the representative thanked us for our patience and promised that they would fulfill the order as soon as possible. Some time had passed and on August 2nd I sent another email to the same person. An auto reply came back stating that this person was no longer with the company and that any inquiries should be emailed to Since then I have been sending regular emails, all of which have gone unanswered. On one occasion I used the 'Contact Us' link on their website. I have made innumerable calls to their office. Most often the number would be busy. More recently the call will not even connect. It has been nearly eight months since I made this purchase. To date, each and every attempt to contact this company has gone unanswered.