Performance Unlimited

Address839 Highway 62 # 82City, Region, ZIPWolfforth, TX, 79382
(806) 786-7676
Camper Sales, Recreational Vehicles Campers, Rv Dealer, Rv Dealers, Rv Parts, Rv Sales
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  • Michael
    Darin Benton
    This is an extremely dishonest consignment/RV sales dealer. I was in the process of purchasing a commercial vehicle in Kansas and before I made that trip I decided to look in the Lubbock area first. Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of discovering Performance Unlimited in Wolfforth Texas. These guys were so unprofessional, after a phone call and numerous text messages from the phone number advertised on their company website, this is what I learned. When I first called to inquire about the vehicle I asked general questions pertaining to the condition of the vehicle. Apparently, I was bothering whomever I was speaking with and they told me "everything you need to know about the vehicle is on the website" I responded with "OK how much is it because I see no price on your company website?" their response was "I'm working on an engine and if you have any other questions call back" Instead of calling to very busy individual back I text the number and got a response (Which I still have the full conversation in my phone) After stating the make model and year of the vehicle in question through text I asked the question again concerning the price. I received a text message back from their company phone number saying that they were asking $25,000 for the vehicle. Instead of buying sight unseen I was in the lubbock area and decided to go and look at the vehicle itself. Once I arrived unannounced to view the vehicle I asked the 'price' question again face to face and received the most idiotic response, which was.  'How much do you think it's worth' from some guy with a mullet. After giving him a confused look he quickly stated that the vehicle was $50,900. I am no math guru but that was double the amount quoted to me through their text message.