Blue Ridge Auto Service & Tire

(610) 767-2220
Address 308 South Best Ave Walnutport, PA, 18088
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Blue Ridge Auto Service & Tire Reviews

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  • Sam Sizer
    If I could give zero stars I would!  This is absolutely THE WORST auto repair shop I have EVER experienced!  My car broke down and I needed it to be towed.  Unfortunately for me, it was towed to Blue Ridge in Walnutport.  I have NEVER had such awful service!  My car was overheating and after explaining this to them, they told me that they would be able to fix it.  It took them a FULL WEEK to even LOOK at my car.  Finally after they called and said it could be picked up and it broke down from overheating THE VERY NEXT DAY!  I had to take it to another mechanic who said that because of the work that they did, they completely blew out my radiator.  SO THEY LITERALLY MADE MY CAR WORSE!  And they charged me $775 to ruin my car!  After calling them back and explaining that they didn't fix the problem I took it to them for, AND made my car even worse so that I had to take it to another mechanic THEY WOULDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!  I asked for a refund, even partial, since they made my car worse than when I brought it to them, and the only thing they would do is instead of charging me $1,300 for the repairs my car still needed, they would charge me $1,100 TO FIX THE PROBLEM THEY CAUSED!!!  After saying that I already had my car being fixed by another mechanic, THEY REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!!  THEY COMPLETELY SCREWED ME OVER AND RUINED MY CAR!!!!  I sincerely hope that if you are considering taking your car to Blue Ridge, after reading this you change your mind!!  I really hope that my story of how awful they were will help someone else to not get screwed over by them like I did!