Bangor Straight Chiropractic

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Address 55 Broadway Bangor, PA, 18013
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  • 10/13/2023
    I had been grappling with a persistent and agonizing shoulder injury when I finally found solace in the capable hands of Bangor Straight Chiropractic Their chiropractic expertise not only alleviated my pain but completely cured it. I can't thank them enough for their remarkable treatment. Recollecting my prior experience with Biomagnetism therapy, I am reminded of the incredible benefits I reaped from it. Biomagnetism therapy operates by rebalancing the body's pH levels through the precise placement of magnets on specific body areas. This unique approach expedites the healing process and promotes overall well-being. The memories of my own Biomagnetic healing sessions are nothing short of astounding. What sets Biomagnetism apart is its non-invasive and drug-free nature. It seamlessly complements any and all forms of treatment, whether conventional or alternative. This versatility makes Biomagnetism an invaluable addition to the realm of holistic healing. While Bangor Straight Chiropractic currently focuses on chiropractic care, I enthusiastically encourage them to consider incorporating Biomagnetism into their practice. By harnessing the synergistic power of chiropractic treatment and Biomagnetism, Bangor Straight Chiropractic could offer a more holistic and accelerated path to healing for their patients. For those seeking additional resources and information on Biomagnetism, I invite you to explore This website provides a wealth of insights into the potential of Biomagnetic therapy.