5 C's Firewood

Address75245 Palm Creek Rd Clatskanie, OR, 97016
(503) 728-3024
Fire Wood, Firewood For Sale, Firewood Logs, Firewood Sales
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5 C's Firewood Reviews

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  • ed f
    truly 4.75 stars one of the old school ways of down to earth honesty,nice ,and easy to work with .the wood is more dry then over half that others try to sell
    you load it up yourself and no deliveries at all. Even though it is dry you pay for what you get here from 25-75 more per cord
    i have went here twice now this season 175 per cord you load it yourself. not a problem its covered yet only soso not 100% and that's a good thing in a big sense so it steams out and so as not to get groth .I repeat it is not moldy very clean wood i must add all he asks besides pay is if you don't get it all in one trip call prior to entering his property. so iv'e got 3 cords from him and i will be keeping the number for later. yet for now i have found 7 cords green fresh cut for 125 a cord and sad to say thats one of the costs i'm putting up to his price so let it be known 5Cs really should have five stars because if i didn't find a kinda lucky deal i would have got three more cords from them. moved here about a year ago just so you can add that into your thoughts as to how well or how much time iv'e had to find the better and the worse of places anyway 5Cs jsn't the screaming and dancing best find yet its pure and truly honestly the best yet for clean dry wood but you may pay for that premium