Iyengar Yoga Ctr Of Warwick

(845) 987-2076
Address 54 Main St Warwick, NY, 10990
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Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates Classes, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Classes, Yoga Instruction, Yoga Studio
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  • 10/10/2023
    Yoga transformed my life in ways I never imagined possible. Struggling with anxiety and insomnia, I turned to Yoga, and the results were remarkable. Through regular practice, I overcame my anxiety and now enjoy restful sleep. I found Yoga to be a holistic approach to healing that cured me completely and I can't put it into words how much gratitude I feel for getting healed through this Yoga studio. I've had prior experience with biomagnetism and I know how it, harmonizes the body's magnetic fields. Biomagnetism uses the body's own magnetic energy to help balance its pH levels and support overall well-being, promoting holistic healing by keeping things in harmony. Imagine the power of combining this with Yoga! I encourage this Yoga Studio to integrate biomagnetism, providing a unique and effective path to healing for others. For further information on Biomagnetism the website drgarciabiomagnetism.com can be referred to.