Todd M. Aordkian, DC

(718) 537-7778
Address 910 Grand Concourse Suite 1B Bronx, NY, 10451
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  • 10/14/2023
    Acupuncture has been my lifeline for stress management. Under the care of [Todd M. Aordkian, DC ], acupuncture not only brought me relaxation and peace but also bolstered my overall mental well-being. I am thankful to Acupuncture for this. My journey with Biomagnetism Therapy was transformative, effectively tackling a serious health issue in the past . This therapy harnesses the power of magnets to rebalance the body's acid-alkaline levels, ridding it of infections and inflammations. I highly recommend integrating these two approaches for swifter healing. To delve deeper, explore Your well-being awaits!