Comprehensive Medical Diagnostics

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Address 300 Princeton Hightstown Rd East Windsor, NJ, 08520
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Laboratories, Medical Lab, Medical Laboratories, Medical Labs, Testing Laboratories, Ultrasound Diagnostic Center
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  • 12/7/2023
    DO NOT HAVE A SLEEP STUDY WITH THIS COMPANY! Hayam, as the owner and operator of this company, did not do her due diligence and go through a breakdown of what would possibly be owed from the study being done through her company, as most providers do. Hayam intentionally withholds information from patients as to how much they may be financially responsible for, for financial gain. If she would have made me aware of how much may be owed for the study, I would have not proceeded with it and she knows this would be a common thread for most with the extravagant pricing of the study. I questioned whether I needed the study to begin with yet Hayam was quite pushy to have the study done, leaving little time to process whether I wanted to have the study done. Hayam pushed the study along and made me feel uncomfortably corerced into having the sleep study, apart from also being rude and condescending, so she could then charge me over $900. Hayam makes it so that the patient is put in a bind with no choice but to pay the exorbitant bill, to then pocket the money. She charged my credit card over $900 without any warning. I woke up one morning to find a receipt for $936 charged to my credit card from CMD, without any heads-up whatsoever. How unethically inappropriate of this company to charge in such a way! I didn't receive a bill first, I was just outright charged the full amount without receiving a statement with a detailed breakdown, any communication, or options. I have never experienced a practice or company charge my credit card on file without providing some type of statement prior and being informed of the possible upcoming charge. The owner Hayam has thoughtfully coordinated putting patients/clients in an unknowingly steep financial predicament with deliberately withholding what the study may cost you and then charging you without warning. PROCEED WITH THIS COMPANY WITH MUCH CAUTION! Proceed with the knowledge that you may be impacted with a VERY HEFTY charge. Make sure Hayam goes through a thorough break down with you so you know EXACTLY how much you'd be responsible for before having the study. I am deeply and utterly perturbed by this company's blatant dishonesty. The owner, Hayam, has proven to be deceitful and fraudulent in her conduct. I want others warned before feeling pressured by Hayam to have the sleep study done with her company and then surprisingly charging you an extravagant amount without knowledge or permission to proceed having the study done at that cost to you. She is used to operating the company in this way and practicing in a deceptive manner and from my understanding this is a pattern for this company. She does not allow you to make an informed decision, intentionally withholding costs. To say this manner of running a business/practice is unscrupulous, is an understatement. Charging such a substantial amount without your knowledge or consent, especially in this economy, is unconscionable.