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    See review, too numerous for here
    Too bad there isn't a negative star option. These are the most unprofessional, incompetent, rude "professionals" I have ever had the displeasure to encounter. Our bank has filed at least 6 internal complaints against these guys,.  The first visit to appraise the property in question was June 13. September 14th today, and not only have they still not presented the bank with a final report after making various unreasonable demands, they now refuse to complete the appraisal.  The reports they did turn in were riddled with mistakes (for example, the top of every page shows a room tally: 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 8 total rooms. (There are 13 rooms). Do not bother with these guys. Pay a real appraisal firm instead. They have cost us time and money, prevented my children from starting a new school, been a nightmare for our bank, caused incessant stress for our entire family, and, according to Mr. Hunt, Sr., a potential buyer should make all improvements to a property they intend to buy BEFORE purchasing said property (guess HGTV hasn't heard that one since they've built a pretty popular lineup of "buy and renovate" shows...) Absolutely horrid to work with.