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(410) 651-1161
Address 10444 Kings Creek Dr Princess Anne, MD, 21853
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Construction Companies, Contractors, Home Builders, Remodeling Contractors, Three Guys Construction
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  • Isaac M
    Quick to reply when a job is posted and give you low cost estimates
    Grabs money and run away
    Jason is a fraud. Con artist. Stay away from him. He's lazy, unprofessional, unreliable, brute, and frankly a scam. All he's after is your pocket. Stay away from him. He lies as he breathes. He does not want to work for the money. He wants your money then he'd be screaming on you. He does not know how to conduct a simple conversation. I rather talk to a beast than having to deal with this fraud. He'd grab your money upfront. Don't give him your hard earned money. If you do, you'll be sorry for yourself because he'd never get work done once he pocket the money. He'd lie over and over. He cant do anything but he'd tell you he can do everything. This should have been our cue. This is a con artist. A scam. Run away or be scammed. He's running away or something. He never picks up calls. If he ever picks up, you get the bestiality out him. I don't want what my family went through with this man to happen to anyone. Stay away from him: Sheer animal.