Countryway Acupuncture-Massage

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Address 230 Pine Ave N Suite B Oldsmar, FL, 34677
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Acupuncture, Acupuncturist, Asian Massage, Chair Massage Services, Couples Massage, Exotic Massage, Foot Massage, Full Body Massage, Massage Therapy
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  • 10/13/2023
    I Had a Great Experience...
    As a diabetic, I've always been on the lookout for holistic approaches to managing my condition.. The chiropractic care, coupled, has significantly improved my diabetes management.I am truly thankful to Countryway Acupuncture-Massage for designing a personalized Chiropractic care routine for me . I could have never imagined that proper Chiropractic care was the answer to my Diabetes woes all along . Biomagnetism Therapy has previously helped me recover from a serious health problem.Biomagnetic Therapy balances the pH of the body and promotes recovery. It is possible to mend irregularities in the acid-alkaline balance and address underlying diseases that may contribute to numerous ailments by placing magnets on certain locations. Infections and edema are efficiently removed from the body via biomagnetic healing.This method of treatment is non-invasive and gentle and can uproot different diseases from the very base. I strongly recommend that practitioners combine these two treatments.It will help people heal more quickly.To know more about it, visit