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Unsatisfied 03/08/2018
Comment: Number only leads to a busy tone and the office information is unable to be located online. 
Meg McVaugh01/11/2018
Comment: I have left a phone number as I need a call back.. Former home owner on Sunset Trail in Winneconne. Sold in August..however, I am receiving water bills at my address in Cincinnati, OHio under the CURRENT Winneconne Owners Name. I have found NO number to call to rectify this situation. Please call me at the number I provided on my voicemail to this office
Meg McVaugh01/11/2018
Comment: I am receiving water bills from Winneconne Sanitary District Number 3...I no longer own a home in Winneconne. The bill is coming to the new owner at my Cincinnati Ohio address. I am having great difficulty in finding a number to call to recitify the situation...I tried going thru my realtor...that was to no avail...Have tried a phone number listed under Winneconne township Department...The Verizon Operator says to check the number...which I have...multiple times...I am extremely frustrated at this point.
Wayne W Wilcox12/09/2017
Cons: Non performance after payment
Comment: Chett Birr and his dad were doing concrete work at my neighbor. I paid them in advance for some tuck pointing. That was over a year ago.. After many calls they have not done the job or refunded my money. Be careful!
Pros: Nothing 
Cons: Every thing 
Comment: Would give this a NEGATIVE 13 star review but I can’t. She is a rude pig! We stopped to get gas at the gas station across the street from her property and I got outside and took my dog for a walk because we were diriving for a while so I let my dog lead the way and she went across the street and I didn’t touch her property, I was at the on the road while my dog walked. She(my dog) stepped not even 2 feet on her property and she ran outside and she SCREAMED at me, “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!! THIS IS PRIVTE PROPERTY!!!” My dog didn’t even go to the bathroom on her front lawn. Then she was running back and forth in her lawn like a crazy person. Then she ran to her fence and was taking picture of our car and I didn’t even have my front plates on so she was only taking picture of a black car. Then we drove over there and then she starts screaming AGAIN. I honestly think she is on drugs(most likely is because she acted like it) and is an absolute INSANE person in a bad way! You should NEVER EVER use her service she might kill your dog/animal. BY THE WAY  did I mention my dog was a small 10 pound thing. ALSO IM 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! Thank you and never thrust her with you pet.
John McKee09/18/2017
Cons: Thief. Takes money and runs
Comment: Avoid this guy. I hired chris maddix. Biggest mistake ever..had to sue to try and recover money. Never showed to court. This guy is scum. Avoid avoid avoid. Over a year and still no money. Dont let this thieving contractor steal your hard earned money. Can contact me for any info
John schmidt 09/08/2017
American Citizen01/13/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Liar Manipulator and destroyer of middle class
Comment: The House Republican party has done NOTHING for the middle class in the last 7 yrs.
John Santi12/21/2016
Pros: Great workers. 
Comment: Many years ago, we had a poured floor installed directly over an original linoleum floor. When it came time to get the kitchen floor replaced, the guys from EDR came in and had to scrape up both layers of flooring. It was a big, labor-intensive project and they did a terrific job. They got the work done quickly, and removed all of the scraps and were thorough and very courteous! Definitely a business where client service is important. I would highly recommend them for your big home projects. - John Santi West Allis, WI
dillin crawley11/29/2016
Pros: great metal with high quality. great service
Comment: always have bought my metal here