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Happy 04/26/2017
Pros: Professional haircare services, family friendly & affordable. Great location & atmosphere too. 
Cons: Salon is very busy which is a good sign, so need an appointment. 
disappointed 03/13/2017
Comment: Recently our storage is broken in and I lost all my valuable and documents which is not easy to be replaced. When talked to regional manager got a comment of you should not put your valuables in storage!!! why you think anyone rents a storage ? when you want to move or when you are in apartment complex you feel safer if you don't keep the most important things in an unsafe place. The public storage claims on website it is safe place for your belongings and apparently this is just a BS for advertisement. their cameras are just not working for security and they are just for taking nice pictures of the birds!!! Words is not enough to explain our feelings and their communication skill is so wonderful you think you are repeating yourself without getting any result. I feel anger and disappointment for trusting this company.
Steve 01/16/2017
Comment: Save yourself the trouble with these people. If anything doesn't go their way, they will do anything possible to screw you over. They don't keep up on the rentals, even when things are falling apart you can't expect them to come fix it for months and months. They will charge you for things you never agreed upon and treat you like absolute garbage if you question anything despite them having zero contracts or written agreements for any of it. Completely lack any professionalism at all. Save yourself a huge headache and just don't rent with these people at all. 
Steve Anderson01/06/2017
Cons: Unsolicited phone calls.
Comment: Someone at your company is using your phone number (425.563.7431) to make calls unrelated to towing. Twice, she identified herself as Brandi/Amy and stated that we stayed at one of your resorts recently then went on with a sales pitch for travel. She did not respond to any of my questions and continued talking when I instructed her several times to not call our number again. Please stop these unwanted calls
does craig voiss own this company12/18/2016
Pros: None
Cons: Brian Lewis 
Comment: Brian Lewis is a liar and a home wrecker . I was at a bad point in my marriage when I met him and he wouldn't leave me alone . I made a one night mistake that he turned into months of stalking and trying to get me to meet him away from my husband . I wouldn't feel safe having any women around him 
Pros: Excellent Service
Comment: Even so beautiful and cheap
Jijo Gleetas10/25/2016
Pros: Excellent Service
Comment: Best Water damage experts in Seattle. Affordable work done