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Laura Sheller03/09/2018
Comment: I am pleased by American Glass & Window Repair Services provider. They done great job at my office. Good job guys. Keep it up.
Jason 03/08/2018
Pros: Great Professional Clean loving Home DAYCARE
Cons: We are very happy here
Comment: When the children see each other around they always hug and show love!
Jerry Smith03/05/2018
Comment: Best Medical Institute for medical Education in Europe.
Gerri Innes01/16/2018
Pros: Sold property for full price in just two weeks after I made the mistake of listing for sale with another company for six months without even getting an offer.
Cons: None
Comment: Would highly recommend to anyone looking to sell their home quickly.
Darryl 11/19/2017
Cons: Everything! From start to finish the worst ever! 
Comment: This is the worst delivery company I have ever used. From start to finish it has been a nightmare! They lied more than 6 times in a five minute period.  They called me for a delivery which never happened, I called to get more information they said my order did not exist. What a mess!  If I would have known this company was so horrible I would have picked it up myself, it would have saved time and money!! 
Mountain City Man08/22/2017
Pros: the best massage I have ever had.
Comment: Pattie is one of the best massage therapist I have ever seen, I will be back!
Comment: I hate this site 
Pros: None 
Cons: Poor Customer service, rude, rough, sloppy work, poor management skills
Comment: 1.0 star rating I tried to give them zero stars but it wouldn't let me. My best friend's mother is a regular here and she referred us to the shop. The woman who did my nails was rushing, made my cuticle bleed and made 3 nails crooked. I asked her several times to take them off but she reassured me she would fixed them towards the end. Once I notice nothing was changing, I kindly asked her to remove them. This woman made a huge scene and tried to kick me out ( while the manager watch). I calmly watch this woman make a fool of her self and left quietly. Never been so disrespected in my life!! Worst experience nail salon ever !!! ( here a picture of my nail after I washed the blood off)
sytenia Gayle Collins01/24/2017
Comment: Chris is an amazing person as well as good lawyer. He is a great man of God and wonderful family man. Very talented too. Just love you Chris.