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Mark Brown07/25/2017
Comment: Online listing helped us to shortlist so many homes at once.
Calvin Turner07/24/2017
Comment: Their effective marketing strategy helped us to sell our house in short span of time.
Justin King07/24/2017
Comment: The view from the patio was breathtaking. Booking a vacation home was definitely a good idea. Thank you The Rental Management Company.
Joyce Garcia07/24/2017
Comment: Their collection of furniture is extraordinary.
Barry Nelson07/20/2017
Comment: It’s a home with a beautiful view! Thank you John Reider Properties.
Comment: The place itself is nice however they have way o many horses to take care and not enough help or property to take care of that many horses. There also have what they call "Pasture Board Horses" which means these horses should be in the pasture only but yet they will get put into someone else's stall for the day. They do not pay for that stall, other people did so they should not be put into someone else's stall. You sign a contact when you board there which is normal and it states that your horse will be brought in every night and yet Richard the barn manager will leave the horses out 2-3 times a week. This is not okay. You pay for a stall, they should be in a stall at night. You don't even have the telephone number for the Owner of the place (Sammy) to be able to complain if you wanted to because Richard and Donna will not give it to you. You don't even get to have the farrier's telephone number to call them when you need to discuss any issues you have with your horse or if you would just like to talk to them about your horse. They will not allow any other farrier on the property other than the 2 farrier's that they are using at this time which is not right. They do not own your horse, you do. They have no right in telling you who can work on your horses feet. I feel that all important telephone numbers should be posted in all the tack rooms for all horse owners to view for the following people: Owner's, Manager, Vet Clinic's and Farrier's.
Donya O.07/19/2017
Pros: Awesome organization that provides food & clothing for families in need. This organization also focuses on back to school items/clothing for children.
Comment: I've met the owner of this organization over 5 years ago and have been pleased every step of the way. Not only does Minister Stevens provide the basic necessities for your family, she will also go a step beyond. She provides great food, personal items and also clothing/school supplies for children. She is truly a blessing! Thank you Minister Stevens for having the desire to give to those in need.
Shane Hamilton07/19/2017
Comment: Thank you so much for helping me recover from chronic pain.
Chris Graham07/19/2017
Comment: We just love our rental new house, it is so spacious and well-maintained.
Tammy Plattenburg07/07/2017
Pros: This a family Church
Cons: None
Comment: This is place that gives personal experience with God and great people.