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Anthony mendoza01/16/2017
Pros: Great service 
Cons: Takes time for a final outcome 
Comment: Overall great experience 
johnny forsyth01/12/2017
Pros: none
Cons: scam your money
Comment: this company will rip you off. don't use them
Cons: Failure to complete the task at hand the first time around. Failure to keep my house cleaned up from work and workers.
Comment: I contacted E. L. White once I had a leak. He sent guy out and said it was the upstairs toilet, even though the bathtub was sitting where the leak occurred. After a month and half of drywall dust and all over my kitchen and in my tile floors, I was told it was completed. After 2 showers were taken the SAME leak occurred again. Now mind you I paid out $7500 for this fix. Contacted Mr. White at 2 am and was informed that they ONLY dumped a 5 gal bucket in the drain NEVER tested the faucet. Then after 2 more weeks of delays finally fixed and wants to charge another $2800 for the SAME LEAK!!!!
Previous Client01/03/2017
Pros: Great law firm. Professional and knowledgeable.
Comment: Recommended.
Julie Furzey12/24/2016
Pros: None
Cons: Inadequate social workers.
Comment: Name of Tabitha Kay Warner, arrived at my home November 14, 2016, claiming my information was forwarded to her through Collin County HHS regarding my prior visit to Glenn Oaks Hospital. Tabitha Warner is a Social Worker for Wise county Regional in Decatur, TX. But Apparently her visit regarding my prior issue wasn't the reason she came to home. Tabitha Warner introduced herself as Kay Taylor and in her hands was what I found later to be was sick joke to gain access to my home and my my husband. Tabitha is the ex girlfriend of my husband Bill Furzey. I was unaware of the plan and the attempt Tabitha concocted in order to gain access to my home, husband, and private information in order to get a Mental health warrant issued in hopes the two would get back together. Tabitha, falsified court documents claiming in writing to a Collin county judge that my husband was in fear for his life and I was showing signs of sucidal tendoncies Tabitha then falsely claimed my husband told her that I constantly abused our family, verbally and physically. Under perjury, Tabitha willingly and acknowledgley abused her position as a County Social Worker utilizing those privaledges extended by and for employees of The Texas Health and Human Services. Tabitha's ill willed attempt to maliciously cause irreputable harm to me by committing pergery and Governmental fraud obtained through her employment with, The Health and Human Resources. Tabitha Warner is accused of obtaining and distributing forging false and inaccurate government court documents, false police report claims, falsely using the HHS hospital number in order to continuely maintain phone conversations with regarding a schedule Home visit for my wellness check. Tabitha Warners goal was to help my husband by creating and fabercating fictious document's of witnessed events of mental health issues and spousal abuse by me, in order to obtain a judgement denial of spousal support maintenance. These Resources in which Tabitha knowingly falsified through purgery are unexceptable and warrants criminal charges placed on her for her participant of I'll harm to myself and my children. I'm going to pursue the Automatic termination of employment with Wise Regional and Baylor Hospital privaledges discontinued through the State of Texas. Finally, I will request a reversal and deleteion of said confinement be erased from my record regarding GlenOaks Mental Hospital stay.
Bertram Hughes12/23/2016
Comment: My family enjoyed their stay at the vacation rental home. From swimming pool to a spacious backyard, it had all the required amenities.
Howard Lewis12/23/2016
Comment: My home insurance plan includes all the necessary coverage options I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
kasey Wade12/23/2016
Pros: Thanks a lot
Comment: Thanks a lot for your support during my search for a rental home in Killeen, TX.
Garret Rice12/23/2016
Comment: Thank you for helping me find the perfect bunk bed for my kids.
Gavin Hill12/22/2016
Comment: The annual photography contest provided national recognition to my child’s talent. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.