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Randi Sparks06/24/2017
Pros: Nice neighbors
Cons: Unprofessional, Dishonest, Hostile, Abusive
Comment: My experience was unpleasant. There was Mishandling of funds on my account by Manager who attempted to cover it up several times. Disturbing letters by Manager left at my door requesting more funds outside of an ACTIVE LEASE and a pay out of $500 on a termination I never gave with a 5 day deadline in Nov. No PROOF could be given upon request so Manager wrote "this is proof your lease terminates in May. I have rented your apt to someone else".I WAS IN AN ACTIVE LEASE. BIG DIFFERENCE ON A T DAY DEADLINE IN NOV. If the Manager had done no wrong why was any tenant offered any money upon vacate with vacancies at the same comolex? Another note by Manager reads "I know you're having a hard time. New tenants are paying $775. I have kept you at $725. If you can pay more during the year come tell me". AGAIN, I WAS IN AN ACTIVE LEASE AND FIGHTING CANCER WITH COMPLICATIONS HE KNEW ABOUT. While I was away the Manager showed my apt to total strangers WITHOUT MY PERMISSION . The new tenant to me. I WASNT MOVING THEN EITHER. Their wad a gas explision , a death in the pool I heard by electricution, and a tenant shot his gun with the bullet passing through the other side of our studio. Car break ins, license plates stolen. Drug smells and dealing including metb., used needles and condoms on property, street people urinating on property and sleeping under stairs and in upstairs laundry rooms. Yelling among tenants and manager. Few repairs IF AT ALL. Endless drama. I LEFT ON A CONSTRUCTIVE EVICTION IN MY FAVOR BY MANAGER.
Louis Wilson06/21/2017
Comment: Efficient property management and excellent customer service!
Brian White06/19/2017
Comment: Perfect destination and perfect vacation home!
Steven Moore06/14/2017
Comment: My back pain has considerably reduced after taking chiropractic adjustments.
Anthony Green06/13/2017
Comment: Our Killeen rental apartment is spacious and has many amenities. I couldn't ask for more.
Greg Rogers06/12/2017
Comment: Bought a twin panel bed for my daughter’s room. She just loves it.
Pros: Good heat rejecting tint
Comment: Nice install and good company
Comment: I didn't use the business for hair or nails, but after eating lunch next door to it, fell flat on my face in the parkiing lot, breaking my nose, my glasses frame, my temporary dental plate and losing the filling on a root canal.......I was lying there in a pool of blood (broken noses really bleed) and a young woman who I think is the proprietor of the salon came out, helped me up,took me into the shop, gave me a wet towel to clean up, and helped bandage the bleeding spots on my face where I had lost skin..........she is a true good Samaritan, a great addition to San Angelo...........the sort of person that makes me think that I ever have to leave my small town for a larger place, San Angelo would be that place to go
Johanna 06/03/2017
Pros: Friendly, great pricing, best quality by far I have seen offered, inviting atmosphere, I even store my trailer with them! 
Cons: Under staffed but hard working 
Comment: Would highly reccomend for the quality and the dedication these people show! They actually  care unlike other places! 
Raymond Torres05/23/2017
Comment: Thank you so much for taking such good care of my father. His health is getting better and so does our relation.