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Comment: I talked to a att, in bank , 1st door on right after getting off elevator about my daughters will, he referred me to att. in humbolt, I could not make contact, the will has yet to be probated, will you send me att. name again in humbolt
Pros: This is NOT the phone number for this salon!
Cons: This is NOT the phone number for this salon!
Comment: This is NOT the phone number for this salon!
Cons: F
Comment: So far it is the best gym I have ever joined. Instructor is very polite an d friendly. Latest Gym Equipment for workouts. The place is never too crowded even during peak hours which is hard to find. Its a great place to workout.
Eve Mendleton02/06/2017
Pros: Easy to deal with, great serive and prodcuts!
Cons: None from me
Comment: Recommend this business for their products and services!!!
Pros: None
Cons: Never updates phone numbers or websites
Comment: You have never updated your phone number. Now I"m getting ALL of your calls on my cell phone because it's the number you use to have! Change your phone number. I get anywhere between 2 and 6 calls per day!
A. Hutchison 01/19/2017
Cons: Took my truck to have water pump changed 2 days later, a timing belt plus a New Radiator (where they punched a hole thru the old radiator that was working just fine), I pay them over $500 for parts & labor. Within 2 was my truck was broke down again leaking Transmission fluid!!! I took it to a reputable transmission mechanic and he repaired where they had cut the line putting my parts in and neglected to Make sure their (BTM) work was done CORRECTLY. My new mechanic also had to repair some of BTM's work that they had assured me was top notch. BOLTS WERE CROSS THREADED THAT HOLDS THE TENSIONER ON FOR THE TIMING BELT. I'LL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PLACE AGAIN EVEN IF I HAVE TO WALK THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!
Comment: Business has been closed since 2014 when owner passed away. It is now Cadence Antiques and Treasures.
Pros: very good
Cons: no cons
Comment: very goodseo company in chennai
Maria Sanchez09/26/2016
Pros: Dependable, affordable, family oriented, friendly
Comment: Would definitely recommend to my friends and family!!