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Pros: Nice furniture. Helpful service before you pay.
Cons: After you pay, don't expect good service.
Comment: Nice unfinished furniture and helpful service to a point. BUYER BEWARE: look at their return policy closely. THEY DO NOT LET YOU RETURN STAINS OR POLYURETHANES EVEN IF THEY ARE UNOPENED. Also note that they charge 2-4 times the price of their next-door neighbor Sherwin Williams, which does allow returns. If you would like to but a piece from Woodyou, do yourself a service and buy the stain at SW!
Michael Berry06/23/2017
Pros: NONE
Cons: A Con-Man who will steal, lie, cheat, and then not come back to finish if you dont pay more than agreed to
Comment: Please be WARNED of doing business with Grant Craig at Carolina Classic Gutter. This is the prime example of a crooked con-man with a cover of a legitimate business. I learned first hand that he will steal money from you by lying about his up front costs on materials, and he will mis-manage the money you pay out for his costs. He spent all the money I gave him and could not afford to buy the materials to finish the job or pay his labor...in fact, one of his most valuable employees quit on him because of it. Then, if you can get him to come back to the job, he raises the price on you after 70% of the work is complete. If you refuse to let him strong arm you into 3k more than was agreed upon (after he had to quote the job TWICE because he doesn't even know how to estimate apparently), he will just leave the job with your extra paid money, and leave you to find someone else to finish his work....which is sub-par work at best (the guy I had to hire to finish his work pointed out his sloppy work and lack of knowledge of correct installation methods in many many areas on my job, which I had to pay him to take apart and redo correctly). The result of this incompetence as a business owner is that after disappearing for 3 months from the job with the money, on a job that should have been 2 -3 weeks max, he failed to honor his agreement/contract and is currently in legal violation of a binding contract and is being reported to the Better Business Bureau. I have also put word out to dozens of folks in the industry that have previously sent him work and contacted several people in the local inspection offices and contractors that I know that are very respected in our community and, thankfully, they are all making efforts to spread the word around the community so others don't get taken advantage of by this criminal. If you doubt that this man is a shady criminal, just do a search on his name and his company name. You will see that his gutter business is also a video production company, a crane service, aerial photography company, retail store location, and many other half-in endeavors that Grant spends all of his gutter and vinyl customers money on, and then never finishes his work. Look at his business Facebook page and the "quality" of the videos he produces and that will tell you all you need to know about this guys work ethic and craftsmanship. It is clear by the quality of his workmanship and his lack of integrity, that there are much more qualified, trustworthy, and decent human beings to spend your hard earned money with. He is definitely not the vinyl and gutter guy he says, and his misrepresentation of his skill set is just the icing on the horrible tasting cake that you will have to eat.
Pros: nothing good to say about kenneth breeze dukes
Cons: he is a scamming car artist. he is a bad person do trust him
Pros: Very thorough during appointments with his patients.
Cons: Some waits are over an hour long
Comment: Best Family doctor in Greenwood, SC!!!!!
Comment: I don't like the fact that they have to run a credit check. if I was buying a house, I could totally understand that. Furthermore, these apartments are not of high standards. It's ridiculous.
Pros: My new is 803-394-4106
Comment: You reach on my new number 8033944106
Comment: http://northbeachrealty.com
Pros: When you're searching for vacation North Myrtle Beach, look no further than Beachcomber. They've been in business since 1985 offering condos and beach and vacation home rentals.
Comment: http://www.beachcombervacations.com
Pros: Beachcomber Vacations is a professional vacation rental management and real estate company located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. 
Cons: Summer's too short!!
Comment: http://www.beachcombervacations.com
Pros: They know the area well because they live there too!
Cons: No Cons
Comment: Nancy McCabe is the best! She'll help you find the perfect home for you and your family!