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Scott Fleishman09/30/2016
Pros: None
Cons: Willful refusal to pay debt for labor completed
Comment: Proline Firearms is not to be trusted. Proline is run by John Psilopoulos. John had asked me to help him with his e-commerce website. Before I did any work for Proline I was up front about my hourly charge. At first he had asked me a number of questions about how to improve the site and how I can help them streamline their product import process, so I had provided him with in-person consultation. Afterward John had asked me to help generate a product import spreadsheet in order to help update the products offered by distributors more efficiently. I had also provided a website audit as well as research to help acquire information that we'd need to complete the product import process. I had been working with John in person before he was fired from the company we had both worked for at the time. After that point John would not respond to a single message requesting payment for the work I had completed. I sent over information numerous times, but John refused to follow up. A business is only as ethical as the person running it. Proline is not ethical. Proline will take advantage of you given the opportunity. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PROLINE FIREARMS.
Deborah Hall09/06/2016