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Kevin Wiles04/11/2017
Pros: Kevin Wiles
Cons: True Tech is a rockstar.
Comment: True Tech is very honest, explains things thoroughly, and completed the job quickly!
Joshua Crouse03/18/2017
Comment: Scheduled an annual service for my air conditioning and furnace. Art Haitu came out for the service and was on time (called ahead for notification), had amazing customer service, very knowledgable, and made great recommendations.
Pros: Always in office for help, gets all workorders done quickly!
Comment: Since new management came in, everything is done as soon as you let Cathy know, she is always right on top of it! I love living there!
chad pratt12/18/2016
Pros: none
Cons: they are crooks
Comment: the owner of this financial institution is the third generation of telecommunications in the entire southeastern portion of the state of Oklahoma. need I say more..................
Visitor 12/13/2016
Pros: Great Business Owner will make special orders
Andrea D11/17/2016
Pros: Willing to go the extra mile to get the job done!
Cons: None
Comment: We have used this insurance business for some years now. We don't live in Shattuck. But we were having trouble finding an agent willing to even attempt to find us insurance for our high risk business of mobile heavy equipment repair that includes welding. But Cody stept out of her comfort zone and got us very reasonable insurance. And just recently helped us with a serious problem with our insurance that would have cost us several thousand dollars. We highly recommend this agency!
Pros: People working there are always friendly & helpful.  Nice looking owner too.  :)
Norman Brick09/08/2016
Pros: Great experience working with this group of guys.
Comment: The neighbor kid backed into my brick mailbox. The guys were able to do the repairs quickly the next day—looks like new!
Scott Kline03/09/2016
Cons: The driver had an attitude with me on the phone then again when he showed up. Refused to tow my vehicle and made up a story about me showing him I was wearing a gun (which I was not and never have in my life) and threatening him to get off my property (which never happened and it wasn’t even my property) and got my AAA membership cancelled because they said there was a weapon and threats made. Thanks a lot T and T. Not only did you not tow my car but you made it much more expensive to have somebody else tow my car.  Good way to reward AAA with having picked you for their service provider in Mannford and Bristow Oklahoma.
jason newman01/13/2016
Pros: They haven't hurt anyone yet
Cons: They should be stopped..
Comment: This gas station is not owned by the other snak shaks in town... do not be mislead and deceived any more.. they are hiding costumer complaints and letting the owner of central to take the fall.. under the trade practice act of 1974 what ...