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Pros: NYU Education
Cons: Work has been unacceptable and short term rather than long term fix. Now instead of 5000 dollars it will be 7800 including what i paid him for his services.
Comment: Been a patient for many years. Had a root Canal 2016. I don't have insurance and went for two free second opinions. Both, including Dr. Richard Weledniger of Melville said have the tooth pulled and a post put in. At best a cap is a temporary fix. I asked Dr. Peritore to pull the tooth and put a post based on the other dentists evaluations and xrays but he refused and said it was not necessary. Well her I am two years later in pain with a swollen gum. And will need a post at a cost of 5 thousand dollars. The cap cost 2500. I'm very upset, but his lack of long term benefits to a patient should be first and foremost. Especially someone that has been his patient for many years. Very disappointed.
Julia 05/25/2018
Comment: At Guerrino Dentistry I was treated by a friendly and professional staff and a very good doctor, Dr. Guerrino who performed an implant Pain Free. Being my first time at this office I was very impressed with the quality of work and the caring attention. I recommend Guerrino Dentistry to anyone who is looking for good quality work and professional service.
Nicholas Sutherland 04/08/2018
Comment: The service that is administered at Guerrino Dentistry & Associates is world class. All the staff is knowledgeable, passionate and patient. Even for the timid of patients. Dr. Chen, Ms. Erika and Ms. Angela along with the rest of the team really make the patients look forward to their next visit.
Brow Design International® Microblading 04/03/2018
Comment: Leading Experts in Microblading and Permanent Makeup | Brow Design International® is the leading company in the USA for permanent makeup
Comment: Is this place still open?
Sgt Jenkins 01/19/2018
Johnny Taylor01/12/2018
Pros: Angela the Dental Assistant is always happy and cheerful. Very helpful and assertive. She's so cheerful, we sang together. Great person. Ivanna the RDH was very knowledgeable and professional about her profession. She does a great job. I will recommend her very highly.
Comment: Guerrinno Dentistry a great place.
Edward Jackson12/30/2017
Pros: Hard workers, attention to detail
Comment: Had our attic reinsulated. Turned out great.
Pros: Best Dental Clinic
Comment: I had a good experience with this clinic. The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly and take care in explaining the treatment. Highly recommended!
Comment: order item on Sept 16th never received and asked for refund 10/20 never received ,