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James Williams01/06/2017
Comment: I'm very happy with the Ilfornino’s pizza oven. It was delivered 3 days after I ordered it and after a quick assembly of the cart had great pizza about 45 minutes after I started the fire. The quality was perfect. No dents, scratches and every piece looked restaurant quality. Pizza cooked in about 3-4 minute bread in about 10. Clams, Mussels and whole fish (cooked in a pan) came out perfect.
Comment: I have ordered medical equipments parts for my hospital from PhiGEM Parts. I really liked their services as they were on time, and responsive. The quality of equipment parts they have is commendable. Even when I was telling them about my requirements, they took care of mine each and every minute details regarding products. I am very much satisfied with their services.
TR Vincent01/03/2017
Comment: My wife and I purchased Ilfornino wood fired pizza oven this year and have been using it regularly. It burns well, and it can get an interior temperature over 1000 degrees (measured by our IR thermometer). We are considering loading this in our enclosed trailer to take to friends or family events. Portability is key here.
Henry Smith12/29/2016
Pros: Cozy warm space for any type of event. Would recommend to anyone!
Comment: Please do not waste your time or money by going anywhere else. Regency is amazing. They make you feel like family from the first interaction.
Aaron Gelbman12/28/2016
Pros: Great taxi service better than any other train station on Long Island
Cons: Not enough cars to sit there all day long, so a bit of a wait but worth it once your in the car
Comment: I wouldn't use any other taxi in Nassau County. Every other company has ragged cars and bums for drivers, these guys don't.
Pros: smart, clear, fair
Comment: Great lawyer!!
David Westlake12/12/2016
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Comment: Love the ilFornino's wood fired pizza oven. Cooking in this oven is a lot of fun. After owning it for less than a week I had a large party and cranked out 36 pizzas in less than two hours. I was cooking the pizzas faster than they were being made. The pizza oven is huge hit at our house and the pizza it creates is far better than any pizza made in town.
Comment: Love my pizza oven. We shopped around and this was by far the best deal. I've now had the oven for a few months. I got the temp over 800 degrees and melted the thermostat. I called the seller Saturday morning and Chris was at my service. A new thermostat is shipping Monday and I got some great tips like cooking steaks in a cast iron skillet at 800 degrees. I highly recommend ilFornino product, because the product and the service is top notch!
Comment: I was setting out to build a traditional brick and mortar oven for my backyard, but a buddy told me he just ordered one of these ovens. I thought about it and decided to buy one also instead of building something which would take me forever to complete. It arrived last night, and we made 4 excellent pizza's in no time at all. Mine came pre-assembled, so I can't comment on how easy or difficult it would be to assemble. But, I can tell you once you remove the bricks the oven is just sitting on top of the leg assembly. It was a piece of cake for a buddy and I to bring the top then the bottom to my backyard. I prepped the stones by cleaning them off first they were pretty gritty. Then created a small fire to season the oven. Once that was done I was ready to go. The first pie I did cooked a bit too fast the heat was close to 800 degrees, it finished in less than 2 minutes. The rest I adjusted the temperature and did the next three pies in 2 minutes each.