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Akhilesh singh10/04/2018
Pros: Bubble mailers of high quality available at best price in ValueMailers.
Cons: some products quality are above average.
Comment: Corrugated boxes and bubble mailers both i have ordered from Valuemailers and i want to tell that all product quality lies to excellent features where quality compromise it not available. I got my shipment on time or its before time. Perfect product experienced in Valuemailers.
Comment: Has incorrect phone number listed, I get calls all day at my home for this place
Fred Jones09/16/2018
Pros: One of the best elearning consultants in NYC!
Comment: Marc was the consummate professional. He was committed to our elearning project and delivered results on budget and on time!
Comment: Daniel Marsh 6539 Linville Dr Brighton, MI 48116-9531 USA Hi All, I am a person with a positive attitude to overcome life's problems. Is there any Computer Stuff floating around at any of your stores? I work with a program called Computers for Students. As John Wayne would say, Well Christian, please check to see if there is a copy of the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture Hardcover by Craig S. Keener & John H. Walton floating around anywhere that I can have to study culture of the Bible. May I have a Action Bible – Sergio Cariello? May I have a set of your Bible Study CDs/DVDs? I volunteer in classrooms. Is there a DVD set of the Holy Land? I need tools: In my younger days I served in the Airforce. I often volunteer to do Neighborhood projects and build things for Neighbors who are Seniors who cannot afford Cabinets, Ramps, furniture or whatever. I often have to use recycled lumber to keep costs down. Today helpping others is my way of serving others. When I am out doing a project to help others people come out of the wood work to help and play with any tools I am using. Then many of them tell others about those tools and brands. Those who played with the tools and told others about them --- go out to purchase them for their own use. Many teens also get involved and use the tools under supervision. They ask their parents to buy them those tools too --- which they do. There has been a lot of deaths in our families --- My Father ( murdered during a home invasion), My Brother (murdered by a drunk driver on Christmas), Wife's' Mother (decrease and age), My Uncle Joe (murdered by a neighbor), Uncle Glenn (Cancer), and many more. I had to retire early from Teaching without a pension due to Cancer. I volunteer in classrooms and teaching Teachers. I am dealing with health problems related to Cancer, Degenerative Bone Disease and related Surgeries, but God has Blessed me with co-workers like you all in the Lord. I am the care giver for senior family members -- Mary(my Mother) and Larry(my Brother). Currently dealing with back pain -- sciatica which is getting better with heat, exercise and long walks. When I can, I help people in my Neighborhood. Thank You for your Time, Efforts, Possitive Thoughts(or Prayers) and Kindness. Daniel Marsh
Comment: A great tracker for all things important to you. Pros: Easy set- up, device works immediately. The app is very user friendly, and I can check the history anytime. Features are great like the SOS panic button, as well a the geo-fencing zone that sends alerts as set. I had mine set up to send me alerts every 5 minutes. Tried to use it in area where cellular connection is bad as expected the device worked as intended Cons: A bit pricey compared to other trackers online but a very worth it purchase.
Pros: You couldn’t find a more loving and concerning groomer. Wendy not only cares about the dogs she grooms but she also cares about their owners. I’ve been taking my pup to her for grooming for several years now. While my pop does not like to be groomed (no fault of Wendy’s) and gives Wendy a very difficult time with all her moving and twisting about Wendy somehow manages to do a nice cut on her. I am always pleased with the outcome and my pup loves the gift Wendy makes of a toy after each grooming. Both Wendy and her staff are wonderful and her spa is always neat and clean.
Cons: None
Pros: none
Cons: far to many to write about
Comment: Other tracking devices were bought in the past, here's why the Trackimo did work for me: 1. With the directions, the device's set up was done fast 2. Tracking device provides updates really fast too 4. Well designed especially its container to protect itself from water 5. The app is easy to go around and the website gives so much information about what I'm getting from the tracker 6. Responsive customer support 8. The features I had been looking for such as the SOS button were all in this tracking device 9. Monthly cost is easy to manage 10. Price of the product is also very reasonable
Pros: NYU Education
Cons: Work has been unacceptable and short term rather than long term fix. Now instead of 5000 dollars it will be 7800 including what i paid him for his services.
Comment: Been a patient for many years. Had a root Canal 2016. I don't have insurance and went for two free second opinions. Both, including Dr. Richard Weledniger of Melville said have the tooth pulled and a post put in. At best a cap is a temporary fix. I asked Dr. Peritore to pull the tooth and put a post based on the other dentists evaluations and xrays but he refused and said it was not necessary. Well her I am two years later in pain with a swollen gum. And will need a post at a cost of 5 thousand dollars. The cap cost 2500. I'm very upset, but his lack of long term benefits to a patient should be first and foremost. Especially someone that has been his patient for many years. Very disappointed.
Julia 05/25/2018
Comment: At Guerrino Dentistry I was treated by a friendly and professional staff and a very good doctor, Dr. Guerrino who performed an implant Pain Free. Being my first time at this office I was very impressed with the quality of work and the caring attention. I recommend Guerrino Dentistry to anyone who is looking for good quality work and professional service.