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PC Airmont NY06/23/2017
Pros: I have never worked with a more professional person in my life. Honest and Accomodating should be the name of his company. His staff is friendly and hard working, they get the job done on time every time in a quick and clean fashion. I have turned many of my friends on to M&J and all of them have been as overjoyed as I have been.
Comment: Recording repeatedly says if you know the extension of your party dial it now.
Emily Jones06/21/2017
Comment: Very impressed. I came to Mr. Boyko after a bicycling accident. I was ran over by a motorist. I’ve never been involved in a lawsuit before. Within three days of ICU I was in shock. Had no idea how to defend my rights. I spoke to several lawyers concerning my situation. My choice fell onto Alex and i did it deliberately. He seemed knowledgeable and opinionated, experienced and really interested in a win-win outcome. So I immediately followed him. His court performances were outstanding. He showed extraordinary knowledge of my injuries and their possible effects on my future employment and health. Mr. Boyko got a quick settlement of the amount that way overcame my every expectation. With assurance and joy I would recommend Boyko and Associates law firm for any personal injury case.
Gene Carver06/15/2017
Pros: Best Interior Designing Company in NYC
Comment: I hire “Cathy Hobbs Design Recipes” for the interior designing of my new home. Cathy Hobbs and her team is extremely creative, professional, and works according to my requirements. I am very happy with their work. Highly Reccomended!
Michael Krivitsky06/02/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Liar, Cheat, Thief
Comment: DO NOT USE THIS GUY!!! Save yourself the money and aggravation. He's a liar and a thief. Completed half the work, ripped-up my lawn, took my money and never came back. Can't wait to see him in court.
Pros: Fast and Friendly service! Showed up on time and my carpets look brand new!
Angela Davis05/15/2017
Pros: Jason penney should be arrested soon
Cons: The US will have to deal with more criminals like this Jason is training his children unfortunately The mother is onboard.
Comment: Frank Miller died 3/15/2017 Jason Penney has enough personal information of Franks he can utilize Nars equipment again. Beware do not deal with NARS or Jason. You may find yourself under investigation.
Cons: Very rude, only cares about money, wasn't interested in answering any questions at all.
Comment: The woman on the phone was very rude. I asked her a question about my 96 year old aunts insurance and she told me "Sir, didn't tell me your stories it's not my problem. I'm busy. This is not my problem!" I asked her why she was being so rude, my aunt needs a walker, please help me......"She said, "Call Medicare and deal with them, i dont care about your situation. Of you don't have money for me, i have nothing to say to you!" I told her my aunt has insurance, why should we pay cash? She then proceeded to curse me in Russian and laughed at me. I would never have imagined a business would talk to me like this.....we were on the phone for No more than 1-2 minutes, literally. It's not like i was being annoying or taking her time up. That's twice in a few months i called there for to make an order and she was mean and rude bc i didn't want to pay cash. It's a medical supply store.....craziest business encounter i ever had.
Eric Colton05/02/2017
Pros: Mean employees
Cons: Mean employees
Comment: Went there mid day Saturday to get gas and other stuff with family in car. Got to counter to pay and the nasty woman behind the counter rudely tells me " I don't have change for $100". I was buying with gas  close to $45 worth of stuff. So I went to a gas station happy to take my money. Drive a little further down the road and get good service. Don't bother stopping here unless u are looking for an insult.