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Angela Davis05/15/2017
Pros: Jason penney should be arrested soon
Cons: The US will have to deal with more criminals like this Jason is training his children unfortunately The mother is onboard.
Comment: Frank Miller died 3/15/2017 Jason Penney has enough personal information of Franks he can utilize Nars equipment again. Beware do not deal with NARS or Jason. You may find yourself under investigation.
Cons: Very rude, only cares about money, wasn't interested in answering any questions at all.
Comment: The woman on the phone was very rude. I asked her a question about my 96 year old aunts insurance and she told me "Sir, didn't tell me your stories it's not my problem. I'm busy. This is not my problem!" I asked her why she was being so rude, my aunt needs a walker, please help me......"She said, "Call Medicare and deal with them, i dont care about your situation. Of you don't have money for me, i have nothing to say to you!" I told her my aunt has insurance, why should we pay cash? She then proceeded to curse me in Russian and laughed at me. I would never have imagined a business would talk to me like this.....we were on the phone for No more than 1-2 minutes, literally. It's not like i was being annoying or taking her time up. That's twice in a few months i called there for to make an order and she was mean and rude bc i didn't want to pay cash. It's a medical supply store.....craziest business encounter i ever had.
Eric Colton05/02/2017
Pros: Mean employees
Cons: Mean employees
Comment: Went there mid day Saturday to get gas and other stuff with family in car. Got to counter to pay and the nasty woman behind the counter rudely tells me " I don't have change for $100". I was buying with gas  close to $45 worth of stuff. So I went to a gas station happy to take my money. Drive a little further down the road and get good service. Don't bother stopping here unless u are looking for an insult. 
Pros: Faith driven and family friendly. You are like family there and they've help me change my life, I lost 25lbs and feel like a new person!
Cons: none,
Pros: These Dr's are the best! I highly recommend them.
James Chan04/24/2017
Pros: Awesome oven, just what I was looking for. Been searching for a pizza/wood burning oven for entertaining for some time. I know there are lots to choose from and the prices range varies. When I came across , I found ilFornino Ovens with great look and price it made my list to look at again. Wow, what can i say, got it last week and fired it up over the weekend for some friends. I made three types of pizza's side order of sausages and meatballs, they all came out fantastic. Ok now more about the oven, it is built like a tank, and you will be impressed. Overall very happy with purchase.
Roger Flopple04/23/2017
Comment: A few months ago, I hired Cathy Hobbs for the interior designing of my home. They are very good at their service. They work very well to interior designing of my dream home. I am very happy with their great services. I would like to recommend them to everyone.
Eric Gandler04/12/2017
Pros: Excellent quality, on time, on budget electrical work by licensed master electrician.
Comment: They fixed the heating system for our home in Brooklyn. The technicians are extremely professional. They were on time and finished the job properly. I highly recommend other for using them!
Comment: Friendly service. About half the cost of getting a transponder from the dealer...took him about 10 minutes and did it right in my driveway. Highly recommended.