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Jim Bimshas01/02/2017
Comment: Do you see what's down stream from where you're dumping? It is 1/2/17. The river was frozen solid 2 weeks ago, now it's wide open. What did you do? Get rid of last years inventory? I put a lot of money and time into cleaning this stretch of river and stocking it with trout last spring. Now some guy wants to save money by simply illegally dumping his inventory instead of getting rid of it the right way? I have the water samples, pictures, and EPA has been notified. Do what you need to do to fix the water. There is a public well even further down stream. Oh, and replace my trout.
Comment: Closed 6 years ago. It's now Sunny's.
Comment: This place closed 7 years ago.
old friend06/19/2016
Pros: nice guy
Cons: thief
Comment: he stole everythibg from me