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Jon Mabary09/19/2016
Comment: The male manager is verbally abusive and if he's got a problem he will bang on the door till you crack the door push his way in doesn't announce who he is doesn't matter to him if someone is sound asleep he will wake you up and yell and scream at the occupants then denye it happened he did this to us over our cats scared my wife and stepson who suffers from PTSD syndrome our cats are service animals and my wife also suffers from epilepsy his wife approved the cats upon our check in then say you never said anything to her about the cat's and will swear he was there during the conversation about the cat's when he wasn't and he will also look in your vehicle without your permission i would never stay at this motel the walls are cracked from poor foundation and the pipes leak and the water has no filtration system and the water tastes dreadful so public be warned of the ideal hotel in roundup Mt. Don't stay at this hotel
Pros: baby diaper service
Cons: you give me incontinence supplies?
Comment: do you have a baby diaper or not. Thank you jackie_zeno@sbcglobal.net
Pros: Fast Service, Flexible and Competitive