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Jessica 06/15/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Rude 
Comment: If I could rate this business with zero stars, I would. I've never in my life called this business number, ever. I get a call from THEM and whoever the woman is, asked me if she had a missed call from me, so I said "no ma'am I don't believe so" which she followed with "well how the hell do I have a missed call from you if you supposedly didn't call?" With the nastiest attitude and then she hung up on me. So, needless to say, I checked my call log, I have made no calls to this number. At all. This isn't the first time I've had someone call or text me saying they had a missed call from me when I never called them, I don't know how this keeps happening, and I would've explained that to the woman at Dunaway construction, had she not been a snotty brat and given me the chance. So, I searched the number, and find out it's a business! Now, even though I've never used Dunaway construction for ANYTHING and honestly didn't even know it existed, I will never in a million years think of using them. How do you own a business and talk to the public like that? So rude and unprofessional. Especially over a missed phone call? That I didn't even make? Seriously it's not even in my call log. 
Comment: Highly recommended, very courteous, efficient and results oriented.
My number05/24/2017
Pros: Not the phone number remove my number from this the number they have is not theirs it is mine 
William Thodos02/11/2017
Pros: You have a swindler working for the department of corrections  she uses two names  Glenda J Cereno and Glenda C Malle 
Cons:  There's a  Thief working for department of corrections
Comment: Glenda J Cereno or Glenda C Malle she use two Names she is a swindler and a thief
Myra Raitt07/19/2016
Pros: Price quality was excellent
Comment: Jeremy and his crew painted my home ,did wood work fighting off bees,installed metal roof ,I was well pleased
Pros: ..
Cons: ..
Comment: If I could give less than one star, I would. My dog was killed due to the negligence of this facility. We boarded Teddy at Purvis Animal Clinic with the trust that they would take good care of him while we were away for a few days. Instead, the individuals on staff were not paying attention, he got out of the building, and was hit and killed by a car. This blatant example of negligence was completely unacceptable and 100% avoidable. If you love your pet, do not board them at this facility. 
Pros: None that I can see
Cons: Rude and do not return calls - smug vet techs!
Comment: Unfeeling and never return my calls. The vet tech also called Alyson as I am (she does not deserve that name) had no compassion and referred to my chocolate lab as "IT" instead of by her name or at least "your dog". When I went there before with my other dog, Dr Rogers was abrupt and condescending. I do not know why I went back but for sure I certainly learnt my lesson today. I will never return and will advise all my friends to never go there!
TINA SANDERS 04/18/2016
Comment: I am a married man and the owner of this salon and I had an affair. It was the biggest mistake of my life and now I've lost everything that I love. I know it's my fault but I just want to warn others that she likes her married men. I wish I had never went in this salon. Men, stick with the barbershop.
Ruby Martin and Elisha Martin my daughte03/10/2016
Pros: Everything is very affordable
Cons: No cons the staff is very professional and courteous. Instead of following u around like a suspect they ask if they can help u find something and for me that is far more professional. I always get my money's worth not like Wal-Mart.
Comment: Thank you so much and I hope you Guys settle for a stay in long beach, Ms.