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Cons: Using a phone number that is not theirsĀ 
Comment: Please stop calling the number it's my sons phone who is 16 we have no idea why they are using his number and apparently they are no longer in business we can't find a number for them to ask for them to remove it thank you .
Kane Lewis05/05/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Convict
Comment: No longer Scotts auto repair. Operated by Aaron Evans who is currently on parole for theft, excessive BAC, and assault. Slashed the tires on Maidens plumbing truck because of a verbal altercation 2 months ago.
Cons: Drove SEVERAL HOURS to pick up equipment and no on was there answered phone or showed up. AWFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pros: Focused on customer satisfaction!!
Comment: Great business in the community!!
Pros: Talk to owners
Cons: No brand new cars
Comment: Have interesting inventory.
Rob Morris01/16/2017
Pros: Great selection and prices.
Comment: Stopped in Eldon,Mo. on the way to Lake of the Ozarks..It's about 12 mi north .Got a bite to eat and did some antique shopping in Eldon. Really a nice and friendly small town.
Pros: It is an awesome church! The power of God is sooo strong! The church is like a family, and everybody loves everybody! Its the greatest church you will ever go to! GIVE IT A TRY!!
Pros: The office and workers are very pleasant. They provide a detailed chart of your teeth with the work that needs done and the price of each. Prices are average or below others in area. They make sure you are numb before starting work.
Cons: None
Shocked Aunt10/05/2016
Pros: He has learned to stand in a line, and gets to socialize with other kids his age.
Cons: The staff is VERY unnattentive, children will fall and get hurt, throw rocks, hit each other etc. and no one seems to notice or care! They are extremely unorganized.
Comment: I am so dissapointed there is no organization, a lack of any clear leadership, no one knows what is going on. I have never seen anything like it! They have no lesson plans, no set daily routine. The kids are taken outside to play which seems to be the teachers social hour, the kids run around pretty well unsupervised I have seen them throw things, hit, bite, fall and get hurt and no one notices any of it!! I watched a group of five 3-4 year old scoot a very large little tikes play tunnel a good ten feet across the playground and then try to use it to climb the fence 3 teachers outside with them, and I had to point it out as one little girl was about to escape! I have also not seen any actual education being provided unless you count learning how to wash your hands, brush your teeth, sit down for lunch and line up as an education (I will say they need to know these things) they are not learning to count, say there ABC's, spell there name, or any of the other things you expect for preschool education.
Pros: Their "quote" was good
Cons: Underestimated move, OVERCHARGED, nasty customer service
Comment: I've moved many times over my lifetime, and I've dealt with many moving companies. That said, Poor Man's Moving is the worst moving company I have ever hired. I've used them for 3 previous moves, and everything went well until the last move. The owner apparently didn't have enough men to cover the move this time, so he sent 2 guys out with a U-Haul instead of the normal 3 guys. The 2 guys were very friendly and worked VERY hard, but... The lack of a 3rd man really slowed the move, since nobody was available to disassemble furniture, arrange boxes to be hauled and so on. The previous move into the apartment (with 3 men) took 2 hours total. This time, it took 4 hours to pack up the apartment and another 2 hours to unpack. 6 hours total. After we realized that the move would take much longer than planned, one of the guys called "the boss". The owner was extremely unpleasant, very defensive and unwilling to help in any way. His only concern was getting paid. Things just went downhill from there. The move was completed, but we paid over twice what our previous moves with Poor Man's cost us. We're very unhappy after paying $650 to move a 1-bedroom apartment to a location 10 minutes away. It took Poor Man's Moving 6 hours to complete the move. For what it's worth, the original quote was $288, and previous moves using Poor Man's were in the upper-$200 range. Unless you like throwing money away, call someone else for your moving needs... don't call Poor Man's!