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Marketing Manager07/11/2018
Comment: Ensure that your boat is well-cared for at this marina near Lake Erie. It offers rack'n launch, wet slips, transient mooring, winter storage, and specialized repair services for large and small vessels.
Pros: Bullshit
Comment: I received a call from this number today and never answered. When I call back 4 or 5 times today, it says "mail box is full". I have no idea what they want and wonder if it's spam ? I'm an atheist and for a damn good reason. Perhaps God just bought me a new Dodge Demon and left the car keys with them and now they are trying to get me on the phone? NOT
Comment: This is a dishonest business. Paid a $1,000 retainer up front for work to be done over the winter. Was not done over the winter, nor the spring, and minimal work in the summer. Owner hung up on us repeatedly when we called to ask that the work be finished. Then sent us a bill claiming to have done work which had never been done. Only returned $42 from the original deposit. A complete rip-off. Beware.
Marketing Manager06/14/2018
Comment: Discover independent living for seniors in Bloomfield Hills and Oakland County, MI that offers residents an attractive setting for their active lifestyle.
Comment: This guy is very good and open minded. He hits all the right spots.
Nick L05/15/2018
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Lousy service
Comment: I drove by this place after the lousy service to complain and kept on driving. The place was an absolute mess
Pros: Great service
Cons: out of business
Comment: They went out of business several years ago.
Comment: Laura's sister has been a very close friend of mine for 20 years, so I trusted her recommendation. My son has been there almost four years and my infant for about six months. The teachers are so in tune with the kids. They understand that the children are individuals and learn/develop at their own pace, yet provide gentle encouragement. Even though my kids only go part time, they have learned so much. Even the baby gets her hands into crafts! 
Pros: My son loves "school". He has learned so much from the breaks bunch. I was an avid at home daycare person, since the breaks bunch I will never go anywhere else. We have the best teachers. They are caring and loving to every child... The breaks bunch was even there for me in one of the toughest times of my life, losing my father-in-law. To top it off... On one of the toughest days I went home and got the mail to receive a card in the mail with there condolences. It was very nice to see that they really do care about there families..... I love you Breakie Bunch team.
Milton French10/31/2017
Cons: Sold the church to Faith Christian Center in October 2015
Comment: Not in business