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Pros: Great to work with. Made ordering very easy. Extremely nice staff
Cons: None that I've seen. 
Mackenzie Keillor01/23/2017
Comment: My aunt works there!!!!!
Cons: not professional
Comment: His Son AJ didn't show for appointment and when we text him, he said he in in his way but never show or call and we were waiting and waiting
Pros: These guys are very dependable. I've used them for almost a decade and they show up every time when they say they will. They pay fair and they're a lot of fun to deal with. Great company!
Cons: doesn't pay bills
Pros: Individualized, best in the world.
Pros: none.
Cons: will destroy your car
Comment: I took my car to Wilder's for tire repair and one of their employees dumped a quart of rotten oil byproduct in the backseat of my car. My car is ruined, in worse condition than when i bought it there.
Nita Bhatnagar08/08/2016
Pros: Nita
Cons: Bhatnagar
Comment: senior care & service
kitane hiroshi07/21/2016
Pros: on time, clean service, customer service
Comment: Great people ! they were on time and service was fast and accurate! More power to you guys in Penning
Comment: This company sucks. My mother is a recovering cancer patient. She was abandoned by this company after going to her mammogram appointment. After calling numerous times and being left on hold for 30 minutes or more each time she contacted me at work. I then tried calling numerous times to be put on hold by the same rude woman. If you don't want your loved one sitting around, abandoned and basically mistreated do not use this company. FOR THE RECORD THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. NEVER CALLED HER TO CHECK ON HER AFTER ABANDONING HER. AND NEVER ANSWERED MY CALLS AFTER I TRIED COMPLAINING. They need to be shut down.