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Pros: None
Cons: Untrustworthy & Unprofessional
Comment: Warne Linsea is the owners name. He is a bully, and will pad the bill no matter what. I would strongly advise not doing business with this man.
Mad ass customer09/19/2017
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Worst company ever. They are liars say they come and don't. Not dependable at all
Colleen Pratt08/09/2017
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Product does not last, very rude customer service.
Comment: It took Piranha Vending 4 MONTHS to deliver our machine. They cashed our check immediately. We have had the vending machine 22 months and the compressor died. They are refusing to stand behind their crappy product. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY
Pros: Nothing
Cons: Quit calling me
Comment: This is the WRONG phone number!!! I'm a single mother and I really wish this would be changed so people will quit calling me! This has been my number for 3 years now! 
you know who the fuck I am.07/17/2017
Pros: Run by 12 year old bitches that think they're fucking cops. Scared shitless cops at that.
Cons: Denied my medical issues. The one younger one just told me tough shit deal with it.
Comment: Every one of those shit bags on shift @3pm needs to find a job as janitors or gas station attendants. Oh guess what, You be sued you fucking cunts.
Pros: nice stuff, good prices
Cons: Came back to buy, no one there.  Twice I drove all the way there, not close to me, and no one home.  Not on a week day, or a weekend.   No one answers the phone.   Can't even send a text, "invalid number."   No voice mail either.   I don't know how this guy stays in business.
Lewis Deniel06/01/2017
Pros: Very smooth check in and pick up. Friendly staff lovely drivers. Many thanks.
Pros: We always use this service. There is never a wait, they are always courteous and helpful.
Pros: Everything went very well, minimal waiting and very pleasant drivers
Pros: Quick pickup and drop off and the shuttles seem to run constantly.