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Pros: At hiding
Cons: That's why he is hiding
Comment: Deadbeat that doesn't pay his child support and allows his wife's minor children to rip off roofs great guy to have work on your home if your not worried about minors , child protective services and or insurance issues.
shawn Violette01/05/2017
Pros: i had them do a job for me and had to go doit my self ater thats not how you get baad work
Cons: they do hafe ass work
Comment: if you want work and get charged bigmoney well you found them
James McNair11/28/2016
Comment: This guy is a crook!!! I'd never had any excavation work done and he took advantage of my ignorance. He quoted me $4500, and as far as I knew he had given me a fair price for the work I wanted done. It turned out to be triple the price. A half (1/2) days work for an excavator and dump truck, and he didn't have to haul anything away. Gone by noon.
Cons: Drunk employee
Comment: We were on Portland, Maine on vacation and one of the employees on register was drunk and rude. I don't know how they can have an employee so drunk on duty. 
Pros: Cheap prices
Cons: Dishonest, rude, lazy (had my car 6 months still not fixed and it took him 5 months and a lot of nagging before he looked at it at all
Comment: Friends. I want to warn people about my experience at Jimmy's Automotive. His shop is located in Winslow Maine on the Augusta road. I took my wife's car there in March for electrical work. It worked fine for a week but the same problem came back right off. Right now the ABS and AWD do not function, which is what he was paid 1000.00 to fix. He half assed it and it does not work. My car died about the same time. We bartered a brand new custom built computer system for the repairs. It sat in the same spot in his yard for FIVE DAMN MONTHS. Untouched. Now we are at six months and he has actually finally touched it and cannot figure it out. He is rude!!!! Told me I cannot ask him any questions about the car. WTF. It is my car and has sat there six months and I cannot ask anything about it?" Give me a break!!! When I pursued it he yells and kicks me out of his shop. Unprofessional. I did not have the means to tow it way back when. Of course he kept saying call me at such and such a time and it will be worked on. Each time it was the run around. Then he tells my wife he told me what I wanted to hear each time to get me to leave the shop. Nice huh?? He seems to be a bullshit artist. I would hate anyone I know to go through this same situation. Avoid this shop like the plague. Last time I posted he called and asked me to take down the post and I did to be nice. It dawns on me to stop being nice to people like this. Unless he makes good on this this post is STAYING. Be warned do not take your vehicles there. You would be better off paying triple than to go through what I am going through.
Bill 07/29/2016
Pros: Harvs auto fixed my truck for half the price as any other shop and the work was excellent
Jennifer Sanders06/07/2016
Pros: Convenient Location and they are good with the children
Cons: Will drop you if you miss 2 appointments, EVEN if you call ahead and try to reschedule.  Receptionists tend to be snobby.
Comment: Turning business away, especially children because they were too sick to keep an appointment and terrible costumer service.  There have been several families that have had bad experiences with them and they are getting a bad reputation.
Fooled once01/11/2016
Pros: Convenient local...though they have moved to a larger warehouse..about 1/6 mile further... just past Len Libby's candy store ..going south bound on route one...professional **and understanding..
Cons: ** cautionary tale. The floor co. Sent only one lone workman..who showed up alone..I asked if another person was coming to help..He gave me some sort of response...saying basically he was it..I told him where the space was and walked him to it..he wanted to take some measurements..so I left him...I went back inside and gave him time to go look at the floor work site..when I decided to check in I opened the kitchen garage door and was startled to see him at the door ..he looked at me and asked if he could unload his boxes of heavy tiles inside our garage ? since he didn't have a dolly to get them across our back yard..to the site..I thought ..it was odd ..and asked if he could go back to the co...not too far away...for a dolly or get some assistance..he said they only had one dolly and it was in the work van w another guy...(a floor co?..What?.. I'm thinking...) so I said ok..to storing the tiles inside our garage..note ..when I startled him and myself when I opened the door before he had knocked.. I started to get a strange feeling...because he was kind of looking around..perusing the things in our garage,..so I kept checking back ..realizing he wasn't going to install at all that day..next time I poked my head into the garage..I noticed his truck pulled oddly two thirds..into our garage at a weird angle.i do remember he had left his drivers side door open..just details..that all struck me as just odd....anyway..my point is..not long after the floor install was done..which took about a week w one man..my husband noticed that his nice chainsaw had gone missing!.in my gut..I just knew..anyway sad story....this same guy..over the week I would offer up food or liquid..mainly to keep him here on the job...after the fourth day..he kind of dismissed my offer saying...you're too nice...but in a way like it is a fault..and I remember finding the half eaten sandwich or cookie in another area..where we were storing things ..live and learn...I know this is a strong accusation..but word needs to get out there..this man drove and old red pick up BTB...just watch or have surveillance....I will be very strict if there is a next time..
Comment: I'm not going to give this Co. A bad review..because the floor is fine..but I did want to get the word out in some way. Word to the wise so to speak.