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den halke05/21/2018
Comment: All I can say is WOW!! Best Service, Friendly Staff, 24/7", and that is the perfect statement to describe Professional window glass repair. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for fast, friendly service
Anya Perry05/08/2018
Comment: Amazing Craft Beers at Post Road Liquors. I am always impressed by how many options they carry in there and the variety. I would highly recommend next time.
Comment: Professional Window Glass Repair did a fantastic job on getting my patio door to work properly by replacing the rollers. To make sure I didn't have any more problems he tested the door several times and found 2 other issues that he immediately corrected.
Laura Sheller03/07/2018
Pros: Sheller
Cons: Laura
Comment: Many times I had a problem with broken storm window at my home and once I got replaced window glass by professional glass window services. Nowadays I feel very relax. I would highly recommend them.
Ethan Allen02/25/2018
Pros: Highly Recommend
Comment: Very fast service and fast response time, wonderful to work with any assembly
Amanda Dukes02/25/2018
Cons: absolutely NONE
Comment: in any situation, this man comes through!! i would recommend him to anyone without hesitataion!! he can do just about anything you need him to. im highly satisfied with my experience with Mr. Donavan.
Tony Webb10/28/2017
Pros: This guy is a home builder, not auto glass. He is a very good builder.
Comment: Scammer.....Took photos of my kids, promising free portraits if she could use them on her website. She took 20 photos then never provided the portraits, and never returned my calls. Weird...
Pros: Local and close
Cons: Provider was foul
Comment: My child came home with a diaper rash almost every day. My child was just a job to her, not a child.
Digusted learned my lesson10/11/2017
Pros: There is known
Cons: This man should not be operating a business
Comment: He is unlicensed and has no business ethnic. He takes advantage of single woman. He will take your money and never come back and complete the job. He has numerous court cases in Maryland. Please do not hire him for any concrete work.