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Comment: I had a leaking pipe and called Watson’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc to fix it. The entire staff are friendly and helpful. Completed the whole work on time.
Pros: Great Service using the FREE app they are on "BE A BOSS".
Cons: only in Maryland
Comment: I will use them again- very affordable.
Pros: Well kept cars with courteous staff address details with accuracy and very polite
Cons: N/a at this time
Pros: Gentle, knowledgeable, friendly, professional
Cons: None
Comment: I've been a patient of Dr. Logmanni for over 8 years now and she is a wonderful and gentle dentist. The staff are also knowledgeable, friendly, and very professional. The office is always clean and they have new state-of- the-art equipment. The office is in a great and convenient location.
Pros: Fast service great pricing!
Comment: Driving on Crain Highway I had a van from this company tailgate me less than 12 inches behind my back bumper when I called the company to complain driving on Crain Highway I had a van from this company tailgate me less than 12 inches behind my back bumper when I called the company to complain the owner of the company said he didn't care and that he would do the same thing when driving so this company has no regard for human life I told him I had my young daughter with me also in the car and he still did not care that his driver was driving or radically and that close to me weird I hire this gentleman or anybody that works with him no and I suggest anybody else would not considering again he has no regard for
Berry McCarthy01/10/2017
Pros: They solved our problem in a very old house!
Comment: We purchased a home that was built in the 1940's and during the winters, the house was unbearably cold, making most of the house miserable to be in and the heating bills were extremely high. Our crawl space wasn't sealed up. After reading outstanding reviews, we called Value Dry and Jim Ketterer and his team were exceptional to work with. They inspected what needed to be done, gave me an estimate that matched what I paid them, and they guaranteed the work even with transfer of home ownership. We had the crawl space encapsulated, added a sump pump with a back up, a sump pump drain, a window well with drainage, and they installed insulation in the cement walls of the foundation to completely seal it. We also have a humidistat so we can control the humidity underneath the house. Exceptional job! Our coldest days outside were mitigated inside by the insulation and our house is very comfortable to be in during the winter now. They worked hard to make sure the job was done correctly and I highly recommend their services.
Karen Garvin01/10/2017
Pros: Did exactly what they said they were going to do!
Comment: Value Dry gave us an estimate and stuck to the plan. They showed up on time, finished on time, and the work was less disruptive of my schedule than I feared (I work from home, and they needed to do jack hammering). We had a drainage channel installed, along with a new sump pump, battery backup, and EZ-breathe system. The house was built in 1917, and the basement was part crawlspace, which got covered. What a difference! The basement smells a lot better and we no longer dread having to go down to do laundry. Because we can now store things down there it's like having space added to the house that we could never utilize before.
Ruby Nelson01/10/2017
Comment: Value Dry did just as they advertised. The work was professional and finished in a timely manner. We have not had any additional water problems since contracting with this service. Thank you for a great job!
Allison Coulson01/10/2017
Pros: Owner went out of his way to solve our problems
Cons: Nothing worth noting
Comment: Value Dry was fast and professional when they were fixing our musty smelling, snake-ridden vented crawlspace. We had a few minor bumps with scheduling and measuring, but the owner of the company went out of his way to fix both to our satisfaction. The process from first meeting to job finished was very quick which we were happy about. They also caught a leak we had that we did not know about which was helpful. Our crawlspace is now clean, dry, fresh smelling, and snake free. Looking forward to seeing how much warmer it will be in the house in the winter now that the crawlspace is sealed up and properly insulated.