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Last Reviews

Current Home Owner04/15/2017
Comment: This is now a private residence as of 2012!!!! Not a place of lodging!
Chris Page03/01/2017
Pros: Fast, reliable, good communication
Pros: They seem to do everything
Cons: none
Comment: Highly recommended
Carole Ann 01/01/2017
Cons: No e mail adrress
Comment: Would like to contact you from  the U K 
Amir Khairy10/17/2016
Comment: nappropriate staff behaviour (communications, not wearing Protective suits during the abatement, sleeping on site, bringing food/coffee inside contaminated house) see the attached files 1 to 3. • Damage Kitchen Plumbing, HVAC unit, staples/scratches all over walls and doors and duct tabs on all my furniture. See attached photos 4 to 13. • Inappropriate fragile packing that cause damage in all boxes. See attached photos 14 to 22. • Missing and disposed items without the owner permission refer to the Work plan section 1.05 and section 1.11. (I have a list of damage and missing items). Photos can provided.
charlotte 10/11/2016
Pros: love the store 
Comment: i want to bye one of there sweatshirts online but i can't 
Pissed off09/20/2016
Pros: None
Cons: Inconsiderate fool
Comment: Runs business in residential area at wee hours of morning waking everyone in neighborhood.  
Ashley Winslow09/10/2016
Pros: Great cheap great team gets it done
Fed Up09/08/2016
Cons: Noisy inconsiderate contractor who disturbs neighborhood at 5:15 am every day despite bylaws 
Tom B08/12/2016
Pros: wonderful service
Cons:  we need more companies like this one
Comment: I USED 617 taxicab and the service is wonderful I recommend this company to all my friends and family great personality and friendly drivers