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Pros: Can you get parts for 25hp johnson has new points and coils condensors
Cons: Motor  may be missing  electric  part that sends fire to points silo I'd stop working  starter does work 
Comment: Need new water pump fuel lines .low hours on moter.would you be in tested  in doing repairs.
John 07/16/2016
Comment: Great company to work with. Affordable and professional.
Cons: Customer loyalty mean nothing. They could care less if you're comfortable with the experience ( lack of) level of tech.
Comment: I'm appalled at how I was treated by the "owner" via an employee. I have used this company for over 10 years ( can't remember how many more exactly). They have serviced my home EVERY month ( auto pay) , and been trusted with a key when I'm not home. I was told my tech was promoted - and they were replacing her with someone with less than one year experience ( do t know e aptly how much less). My reply was reasonsble I felt, as I said well send him out here and I'll see if I feel comfortable after I meet him. They called me back and said they'd rather drop me, because they didn't want to chance it( that I'd send him away) !!!!! That is the only tech they have now
Lisa Kennedy05/06/2016
Pros: I am so in Love with the Pain Free services that Dr Madison provided
Cons: I will NEVER use another oral surgeon or dentist .. He is so professional with a sense of humor all bundle in one ..
Pros: Friendly, Convenient, Quality Services
Cons: I needed a root canal :/
Comment: Great place to take the whole family. In one trip both me and my kids can have checkups.