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Devin Andrews09/06/2018
Comment: Bought a minivan for $3000 last year. As of today, I spent over $7,500 on repairs, and it has only been 1.5 years. Go to a place with a mechanic who will actually check out the cars they get. Also, I ran into the man who bought my older car. I traded it in for $650. He sold it for $2500. I asked him if anyone bought it since it was not on his website. To this day, there has been no response. The woman who bought it gave it to her ex-boyfriend, who made repairs on it--including a new transmission. Also, I traded it in at 244,000 miles. When I saw the speedometer, it was at 225,000. Figure it out.
K Alvin08/30/2018
Pros: 8-30-18 @12:30ish P.M. Owner's customer svc towards me took me back to White/Colored bus stations, restrooms, water fountains. I was invited +the hell out of his store! Glass bottled purchase began cracking while trying to open. Owner: 1. call Corona company 2. maybe you damaged it 3.leave my store. Owner called police ...that I was threatening him, making scene in store. His lying influence the officers' judgment/behavior(Ofcr Hibbs, CHPD), negative. Very negative.
Cons: Immediate empathy for employee that knew me (5 yr foot/vehicle patron). All other shopping experiences have been enoyable svc - longterm staff.
Comment: To file complaint with the BetterBussinessBureau ... ???
Pros: none
Cons: everything
Comment: He scams people online including facebook groups for buying and selling gold/silver. The owners have several claims against them and have stolen thousands of dollars from these buyers. Absolutely disgraceful
Pros:   Great place to shop and better prices than out of state indian craft stores. The people there are very friendly. I go there at least once a month.
Pros: Excellent service and great cars!
Lost My Business04/30/2018
Comment: Only putting a star because I can't put none. Lady on the phone was super RUDE and hung up the phone on me.
Pros: Excellent lawn care knowledge, prompt, responsive via email and extremely professional.
Comment: They did an excellent job on my front walkway. They are the best landscaping company in Plano, IL. Strongly recommend.
Marketing Manager04/13/2018
Comment: Visit this Orland Park, IL, Lincoln dealer for great deals on new, used and Certified Pre-Owned Lincolns! Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln Continental & more!
Leigh Ann Kearns-Owner of Address Listed03/31/2018
Pros: NOTHING - 
Comment: Cardinal Construction Is Out Of Business  Bob Schaefer Hasn't Been @ This Address Or In The State Of Illinois For 1 1/2 Years Disregard This Advertising!!
Bernard Pearlman03/31/2018
Pros: Thorough, Detailed, Fast
Cons: none to date
Comment: Keep up the great work!