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Jamil Issa11/05/2017
Pros: Very professional shop 
Comment: This shop is very honest and do professional work on cars
Logan 10/05/2017
Comment: Would give a 0 
Comment: A scam with CHASE NUMBER/AREA CODE
M. Ramirez08/30/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Bad - not good work - they cheat you. Not real company
Comment: Do not use. Hire real professional
Sam Daniels08/25/2017
Pros: Best Hookah Lounge Ever
Comment: Chill ass place! Unlike many of the lounges in the area, this place gives you your own tongs! A little more expensive but the bowl lasted notably longer than the cheaper places I've been to. I sat around for more than an hour and didn't have to change out. But in that case, make sure you get a flavor you like. Comfortable seating. Nice music videos on tvs up on the walls. Got Wi-Fi and space for larger groups. DJ Booth and dancing area, They're friendly and attentive and look like they're having a good time themselves.
J Svoboda 08/06/2017
Pros: Very professional
Comment: Thank you for the great service you were very prompt and finished the job very very nicely and cleanly thank you
Jenn S06/10/2017
Pros: Very easy to talk to
Cons: Sometimes hard to get a hold of
Comment: I was rear ended by Ohio St. The other drivers insurance tried to deny my claim. I hired Sal. No worries!! Medical Bills paid, Car fixed and some money to go shopping with!
Comment: These guys are amazing. Their quote came in $400 less than any of the other quotes and they hauled away the debris 1 day after quoting. Pleasant to work with, highly courteous, on time and took extra care to clean up after service was completed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Customer 05/21/2017
Pros: On time, no hidden fees, very nice, 
Comment: Will use them again and again