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Customer 05/21/2017
Pros: On time, no hidden fees, very nice, 
Comment: Will use them again and again 
R ward05/12/2017
Cons: Left trash,charge 60 hr as they drag 3 in there to work, can't read a tape measure they got 5 windows wrong size.
Rhana Foreman 05/07/2017
Pros: They steal parts
Cons: Thieves
Comment: Horrible took my car in perfectly fine except i thought it needed a tune up picked it up with a broken trunk and passenger door, took my car back to complain Mike told me i needed some pieces that i could go get from the junk yard and he would charge me $90 to fix and I'm like well it wasn't broke when i dropped my car off so why is it being returned in any condition other than fixed (now i find out from a different mechanic pieces had been removed from my vehicle!) Spoke to Mike he told me i was a fucking idiot. They are shady business people and they steal parts off your car so you can pay to replace them never again will i go but every site this business uses i will post my horrible experience
Concerned 03/27/2017
Cons: His office is very dirty, he is a disgusting man. 
Comment: While in his office, I over heard him talking to either his nurses or assistance and calling a customer he just  finished with Bi***. The office in general was dirty and dusty. His employees were all rude. There is to many dentist in the area to have to deal with this.
Pros: Fast Delivery, Quality products
Cons: -
Comment: The site is organized in a very easy and convenient way, in contradistinction to the shelves of usual pharmacies. I always find the needed medications quickly and get them the next day.
Pros: Great person
Cons: Gets busy
Comment: Sal was a breathe of fresh air when I met him. Consulting with other attorneys was a stressful and I would even go as far as to say a disappointing process. Immediately upon meeting Sal in person he put me at ease and I could see he was engaged in thinking about my case while we were talking. He handled my criminal case and got a resolution I was ecstatic with to say the least! He's a good person who has a great deal of varied life experience that fascinated me. I hope he uses his talents one day and shares them with us all. I'm of the opinion that he should run for political office! Thank you sir, God Bless.
Pros: The best in  Illinois, I even travel back into town after i moved last year.
Cons: only con is I have to make an appointment in advance, but it is worth it if I forget and have to wait a day or two
Comment: I would never go anywhere else. I have been to a few other places, but nothing compairs to the quality service i get. They were 100 times better, yet cheaper than petsmart charged me.
Not your business01/13/2017
Pros: no pros
Cons: Lies
Comment: James Randall, the owner, lies through his teeth and is very rude to people when it comes to dealing with an issue. No professionalism whatsoever. Does not take ownership of accidents that happen with his drivers.
Scott Sasenbury01/07/2017
Pros: Great atmosphere, skilled barbers, I won't go anywhere else.
Cons: Cash only.
Comment: This is my barbershop since I was in highschool. Almost 25 years later, still the only place I'll get my hair cut.