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Pros: Luke was a great help and he saved me money!
Pros: Scam Number
Cons: Scam number
Comment: Scam Scam Scam
Pros: They have the best pork I've ever eaten. It's 100% Berkshire. Hard to get to get some and costs more than other pork but it's the best out there. It's like the USDA Prime is to Beef.
Cons: Hard to obtain some because they are wholesale.
Jim P01/06/2016
Pros: Very professional and knowledgeable. Nice person and easy to work with. Facilities are very clean and relaxing. 
Robert Venable01/02/2016
Pros: None
Cons: They do not pay there bill,
Comment: Why have they not taken Bankruptcy out of business since 6/17/14 owing everyone a lot of money
Pros: Lessons out of her home.
Cons: She schedules 2 recitals during the year... There was not one student at either recital that could play a piece without significant errors. I took my son to another teacher and there was a HUGE difference. I would NOT recommend her.
Pros: Excellent cat t-shirts
Cons: Profile pictures are too hot to handle.
Comment: Van makes really great t-shirts that have multiple cats arranged like famous punk rock band logos.
Lisa Smith06/17/2015
Comment: Awesome service had a blast with our group on kayaks and tubes
ben 06/17/2015
Cons: He's a Crook!
Comment: What a crook! I had Dave come and get some junk from my basement, he had a woman help him. I went downstairs after they were here and was going to turn the light on and there was no light bulb, at first I thought they stole my light bulb, but then I noticed they broke the whole socket off the base. Talk about low!! I then called him and he said he didn't do it, that he would talk to the woman he was with and get back to me. He also said that his brother lived in town and that he would fix it. A week later and I have not heard a word from this crook! Really, you're going to ruin someone's property and keep it a secret and then ignore them and not take care of what you broke?? Very unhappy that I let these people into my house! Was sketchy in the first place. Nobody else has been in my basement and the light bulb was hanging right above where they were taking junk away, how can you run your business that way? I will be telling everyone I know about you! You evidently don't care about getting a bad name, I guess you probably already have one, I knew nothing about you before, but I sure do now. You crook!!