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Pros: Amazing services
Cons: with Atlanta DUI Lawyer Group
Comment: Amazing services with Atlanta DUI Lawyer Group, The DUI Lawyer Atlanta has actually helped me in resolving my case. Although I don’t drunken drive but that was my bad time. I got their contact number from one of my colleagues.
Layla Anderson02/12/2018
Comment: The reason for the 1 star is because the owner of this business also owns another business called American Design and Construction Group, LLC; I want anyone considering hiring this company to know about my bad experience with his other company, American Design and Construction Group, LLC. In my opinion, the owner bills for the work that he hasn't fully completed. I think that he's running some type of scheme where what he says verbally and what's actually on paper and discussed are different. I also believes he premeditates cases from start to finish as soon as he arrives at the house. For example, as soon as he gets to your home, I believe he may begin building a case from the start. Who wants to pay attorney's fees and the cost of getting home repairs done. Mr. Clark placed a lien on my home. Even though the work he was hired to do was an insurance claim, he demanded payment before the insurance checks could be signed by the mortgage company and filed a lawsuit in court. If you review his public record files, you may find a history of lawsuits filed against him. He is also a convicted felon. Mr. Clark has criminal convictions that include forgery, theft by taking, abandonment, and burglary. I don't want anyone else to have to endure what I went through with Mr. Clark. I believe that he made threats against me causing me to fear for my safety in my own home. In my opinion, his behavior throughout the entire thing was more than unprofessional. I think anyone who deals with this buster is gonna end up going to court, enduring legal fees, experience emotional distress, and agony. I think he appears to have a lot of information regarding how to get a home foreclosed on, how to committ insurance fraud, how to deceive homeowners so that he can rip them off; In my opinion, he will use this information against the homeowner and anyone in his path.
Pros: very rude have that down to a science.
Cons: none
Comment: I thought Tammy was going to fix the problem I had today - but I was wrong, I was lied to. On top of her saying she'd give me a free hair cut, I was going to add a coloring to my hair and pay for that portion, she messages me to tell me she cancelled my appointment and has slandered me to other salons because I told the truth. This is what you get in a small town with a bunch of women. Seeing a lawyer on Monday as i have it in her message admitting to slandering me
Juan Francisco Cueto12/16/2017
Pros: Excelente service, family oriented business, ready to help every way they can, pront response.
Comment: I will recommend THE FALCONE LAW FIRM, P.C.
Pros: None
Cons: Extremely Slow, Doesn’t pay workers, Doesn’t answer calls, texts, or emails. Makes false promises. Is always “out of cell phone range” 
Comment: We signed a contract in April and it’s almost Christmas with a loooong ways to go. There is almost no communication, once he has your money he no longer cares. We are currently awaiting a delivery of travertine that was “supposedly” ordered in August. We’ve been asking for months (no exaggeration) about the status of the delivery and were finally told it was going to be delivered last week. That was another lie in a long line of many lies. Our phone calls go unanswered, our text messages are ignored, emails ignored stay away from this contractor! The icing on the cake is that he accuses his contractors of stealing to get away with not paying them. So then they will harass you for months asking for payments. He then tries to get you to “go along” with his story about them stealing telling them we had them on camera. We did not and did not go along with his “story”. Find anyone else!
hattie hazlewood11/13/2017
Pros: I look forward to my visits
Cons: I look forward to my visits for the great job Brie does and how fabulous i feel when i walk out!
Pros: NONE
Cons: He is a con man who steals peoples' money and then leaves a construction mess. He has been featured on 11Alive and continues to scam people out of money even after.
Comment: Do not give this man, Jonathan Davis, Prestige Construction & Renovations, or JD Renovations. He will string you along getting more and more $ and never completing a single job. A nightmare contractor. Had warrant for his arrest according to 11Alive report. See the report yourself - it mentions this company and his scams. http://woodstock.11alive.com/news/news/393372-how-avoid-contractor-trouble
Comment: Slowest burger king drive thru EVER!!!!!
tessa strouse10/10/2017
Pros: a special place that deaserves a 10 star review
Cons: I have had many stylists taking care of my hair over the years and none of them made me look as good as LJ. I don't usually write reviews but Alluring Hair Extensions Salon is special place that deaserves a 10 star review.
Major John C,Varden III09/14/2017
Pros: I really like Al's gun leather he and his wife build very nice products. I have several of his holsters and a money belt he made for me while I was working in Iraq back in 2005 A person can not go wrong buying his gun leather.