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jessica kawamura03/11/2019
Pros: Looking forward to our next appointment already.
Comment: Mary Beth is very good at what she does, and going to see her at Alluring Hair Salon can only be a good decision!
Nichelle King03/02/2019
Pros: Nurse Practitioner Alice provide EXCELLENT care via TEXT!   It was 1am I’m in severe agony,  I’m unemployed and couldn’t afford the $500 ER deductible.... and I was in too much pain to wait for the nearest Urgent Care to open at 7am.  I searched for 24hr Urgent Care and GOD sent me FASTENP!  After a few texts and payment of services- all done from my bed, Nurse Alice called-in perscriptions to a 24hr CVS.  Ba-da-Bing!  By 3am I was already beginning to feel better and finally falling asleep.  
Cons: None
David Myer02/08/2019
Pros: Eric its a great bobcat operator
Cons: Owner Jeff Muse will lied to you , when things go wrong
Comment: I called Muse Landscaping about asphalt milling, the next day Jeff Muse called me and told me he had a better product that was like crush and run. Jeff told me, I would like it on my driveway. Jeff called a little bit later, telling me the product have small chuck of concrete, was that okay, i told it was. So they delivered the product (Waste Concrete, found out later, that he get it for free)a little later. I was told they would tail gated, they don't .They dump it over about 20 foot of driveway.. I called Jeff and told him what happen, he told me he would send a bobcat over and charge me $75. I agreed. The operator did a great job of spreading the material. But it was so wet. The next day the product was still very wet, I was great stuck in my driveway. I contacted Jeff and he ask me what i wanted. I told him I want a driveway that i could drive on. I told him to do what he felt would fix the problem, so a couple of hours later the bobcat and dump truck show up with a load of crush and run. They spread the product out, I waited about 4 hours to drive on it, it was better but the vehicle was still sinking in the driveway. The next I ask Jeff to remove the product. He told me that he would come by and look at driveway, he told this 3 times, he has never shown up. He texted and told that I got everything for free, but my check had already cleared the bank. Jeff Muse can do a good job if everything go correctly, but if it go bad, he will blame everyone else. He lied to me several times. The picture are of my driveway. I would not use this company, the owner Jeff Muse is not a good person, will lie quickly.
maribeth mcsherry02/08/2019
Pros: You would be crazy to go anywhere
Comment: I can almost always spot extensions on others just because the hair quality is hard to blend, but I swear my extension blend so well that you can't even tell that I have extensions. You would be crazy to go anywhere else for hair extensions.
li hug12/14/2018
Pros: I've been going to Brie for about two years now because she does such a good job taking care of my hair. She sincerely cares about her customers...
montana ridgley12/04/2018
Pros: Amazing place!
Comment: LJ is awesome, she is seriously talented and also super sweet. Definitely found my new hair place and definitely recommend!
Cons: Very racist clerk never smiling always have a bad attitude
Comment: Very racist place to see the doctor! You know if the front desk is racist what you think about doctor
lissette penney10/27/2018
Pros: I can't say enough good words LJ.
Comment: I can't say enough about LJ....she is amazing. I've been going to her for several years. If your looking for extensions, she is your girl! The fact that she does great hair cuts and color is just icing on the cake!
dianne thurmond10/14/2018
Pros: received so many compliments
Comment: I've never received so many compliments on my hair before the treatment. I have thick, wavy, naturally blonde hair that is prone to frizz and tangles due to the humidity!
Pros: Beautifully decorated office. Extremely cold, but has blankets in each dental room. The dentist and his staff are very pleasant.
Cons: His diploma states his name as: Gilberto Velasquez Pagan. Who is V. Erick? 
Comment: Evidently uses a cheap lab for crowns and caps, as 2 people have complained they have had to continue to make 3-4 return trips to have them properly seated, and then they evidently fall out easily. This requires another visit, more money?