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Pros: Failed to Find a Single One
Cons: Incompetent, Rude, Unprofessional.
Comment: Absolutely horrible customer service, and service. I contacted them because they are listed on Medicare's site as a local provider for durable medical equipment. Tuesday morning: I called for a wheelchair and crutches, and was told that my physician needed to fax the prescription to them. I told Alliance that, without the crutches and wheelchair I was requesting, I was unable to get out of bed. I contacted my physician's office and they sent the fax while I was on the phone with them. Wednesday afternoon: No contact from Alliance regarding the equipment. I called Alliance and left a voicemail asking about the status of the order, I received no response. Thursday afternoon: I called yet again and spoke to someone whose name sounded, perhaps, like Malia (hard to tell, she mumbled incompetently through both our unsatisfactoryinteractions). Her first response was that they don't have crutches - now that's something that would have been handy to know two days earlier when I called asking for crutches. She then claimed that she had only received the order the day before (the nurse had faxed it two days before and emailed me the confirmation that the fax had sent) and that the type of wheelchair wasn't specified so I'd have to talk to my doctor because they couldn't do anything without that information. So, I spent three days confined to my bed while Alliance mucked around, had people answering the phone who didn't know what they supply, left a prescription sitting around for two days, failed to return a call, had my contact information but didn't bother to let me know that the prescription wasn't detailed enough (or, and here's a novel concept, call the doctor's office and get clarification so that they could process the order) and then treated me like some difficult customer because they left me lying in bed for three days. I told a friend about this experience, her husband receives his oxygen supplies from Alliance, and apparently they are always late, there's always some problem, and they are just generally a terrible company to deal with. Obviously, they make it a practice to be unhelpful, incompetent and unprofessional. For me it was mobility equipment, but what if you were sitting waiting for your oxygen? Go elsewhere for your medical supplies.
Comment: I really don’t want to even give 1 star we are still trying to get work done or money back. Will not answer calls. Will be filing a claim with crimes against seniors this week.
Marc Dozier12/26/2018
Pros: Royal Cleaners is a family-owned dry cleaner that expertly cleans your garments on premises. They will even pick-up your soiled clothes at your home in Palm Harbor, FL and delivery to your home clean.
Cons: I wish more local dry cleaners were more like Royal Cleaners.
Comment: Just had a bad stain removed from my favorite white Van Huesen shirt. Wow! It is great that I can depend upon Royal Cleaners to take care of this for me. Thanks, again Jim for your help, my wardrobe is in good hands! Just found out that Royal Cleaners now has a pickup and delivery dry cleaning service. Interesting.
X X12/17/2018
Pros: None
Cons: Homophobic Staff
Comment: One of your hair stylists named Holly Ann Bingham Zuercher is homophobic trash. She harasses people on social media for their sexual orientation. By continuing to employ her you are supporting her homophobic beliefs.
Pros: On time , excellent work, affordable price
Comment: Did a great job. Took time to cover all my plants and very courteous. 
M. Thomas11/08/2018
Comment: Terrible experience. Changed my engine and it still is not done. Found out just recently that they stripped the bolt on the alternator which was causing problems with my check engine light, shifting gears, and a number of other things and they over charged me for stuff i did't need. They also broke my windshield. Took it into a Glass shop and the owner said that someone dropped a wrench on the leading edge of windshield. No other thing could of caused the crack in the windshield. When I took it back in to have them repair the problems, the owner said it's not his problem. Todd is a great mechanic but the owner is shady to say the least. Avoid like the plague!
Pros: Fantastic Psychiatrist 5 Stars
Cons: none
Comment: Dr Gregg L. Friedman MD is a fantastic psychiatrist 5 Stars
Pros: clean cars, on time
Cons: none
Comment: Very good car service
Comment: Excellent commercial advisors. Many years of experience in the Tampa area..
Pros: Is a great liar and scam artist beware
Cons: Not licensed contractor is breaking the law report him to department of bussinnss and professional regulations
Comment: Dont use this scammer hes not leggit and has a long criminal wrap sheet