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M. Thomas11/08/2018
Comment: Terrible experience. Changed my engine and it still is not done. Found out just recently that they stripped the bolt on the alternator which was causing problems with my check engine light, shifting gears, and a number of other things and they over charged me for stuff i did't need. They also broke my windshield. Took it into a Glass shop and the owner said that someone dropped a wrench on the leading edge of windshield. No other thing could of caused the crack in the windshield. When I took it back in to have them repair the problems, the owner said it's not his problem. Todd is a great mechanic but the owner is shady to say the least. Avoid like the plague!
Pros: Fantastic Psychiatrist 5 Stars
Cons: none
Comment: Dr Gregg L. Friedman MD is a fantastic psychiatrist 5 Stars
Pros: clean cars, on time
Cons: none
Comment: Very good car service
Comment: Excellent commercial advisors. Many years of experience in the Tampa area..
Pros: Is a great liar and scam artist beware
Cons: Not licensed contractor is breaking the law report him to department of bussinnss and professional regulations
Comment: Dont use this scammer hes not leggit and has a long criminal wrap sheet
Felicia Daniels07/17/2018
Comment: Back in 2006 your address was the address on a check issue to me Ms. Daniels January 10, 2006. By Progressive American Insurance Co. On that check above there name it said Insurance From Progressive. I would like to speak with some about this. Whom can I contact. 
Pros: can't see keep chlorine levels up, pool is cloudy doesn't keep schedule
Mark Fleener07/04/2018
Pros: He'll fix your network.
Cons: You're supporting a child abuse cult member.
Comment: Alex Seth Fleener was involved in voodoo rituals in which I was abused while growing up and he has sided with the abusers in framing (lying to cops to lock me up and permanently deprive me of my 2nd amendment rights) and abandoning me (I'm disabled) after I recovered memories of the abuse, including drugs and hypnosis to black me out, molestation, animal sacrifices, and blaming me for the deaths. They even forbade me from speaking my native tongue, brainwashing me into making me think that being bilingual would somehow make me less than others who are not. Also, they would punish me for wanting to work and do chores, brainwashing me into thinking that I wasn't good enough to partake in what society does for itself, so if you want to support the anti-mentally ill satanists of this world, hire Alex to work on your network.
Pros: I went to the address n called wanting to help work or anything i could do but he said he doesn't want an extra hand for anything
Cons: I was more than willing to help with services
Comment: 8fvezro 4sixtyfve sixtysix11
John Puder06/24/2018
Pros: Top of the line integrity 
Comment: I needed a pin repaired right away. Jim took care of it immediately and charged me $5.00. Thank you very much!!