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Jack Hill10/10/2017
Comment: Lovely restaurant! The service was quick and discreet. Overall, we love it and we will recommend it for sure !
Pros: Has years of expertise but is getting careless or something
Cons: Upholstery inside out, cigarette smell in finished goods, unpleasant to deal with
Comment: would never use again; horrible experience
Pros: Today I had 2 houses fitted with new gutters. From the first contact with Gutter Guy to completion, my experience was nothing more than professional. I was given a no pressure quote that was better than 2 other quotes received. Communication for scheduling was perfect. The crew showed up on time and exceeded my expectations for installation. Fantastic experience all the way around. Thank you!
Cons: They won't answer an email or phone calls. My order has been waiting shipment for over two weeks now. I have received an email asking if I like the product but yet to receive it. 
Pros: Great little shop for teddy bears. Both collectable and for kids.
Cons: A little hard to find off the main drags.
Unhappy customer 08/29/2017
Comment: This company is also known as E&K landscaping. This is my new sod that they put in. It died within 6 weeks. I watered it as instructed. It was a choppy job with huge gaps everywhere. I asked if the sod was rolled to flatten it out and I was told by Edwin "no one in Florida does that anymore because it creates too many weeds." He recommended his cousin Cesar to cut the grass. This was the biggest mistake because Cesar's Lawn Service cut the grass too short and left all of the really long trimmings all over the lawn. Therefore my $1200 new sod DIED! And these two companies would not try to work with me to fix it. I offered to pay for new sod if they would put it in right, they wouldn't return my calls. Completely unprofessional. DO NOT USE THEM! 
James Canady08/25/2017
Pros: I wish there were some
Cons: This man is a thief
Comment: Edward Tucker of Fixx A Home and Party Rentals did some renovation work for me at my house last August 2016. I paid him for his work (which he never finished) and I had a leather couch from Macy's that I paid $2,000.00 for one year ago that my wife wanted to replace. Edward wanted this couch and asked me if I would let him have it and he would make payments. I did let Edward have it for $600.00 and now one year later he hasn't paid anything on the debt. I have even told him numerous times he could come to my house and work off the debt but all he does is makes appointments and then cancels. The quality of the work he did at my house was below average and now steals a couch from me. If you want to do business with Edward please heed my warnings. I got screwed from just being a nice guy and trusting him. James 08-25-17
James Chin08/08/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Called me soliciting donations and pretended to ask for a different person so I'd tell them they had the wrong number.  Then they launch into their script.  Unprofessional and deceitful.
Comment: Underhanded and shady.
Ashley 07/31/2017
Comment: He is there when you need him and can repair more things then other tire men will.
Olivia Taylor07/30/2017
Comment: Thank you for cleaning my pool and made it safe to use.