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Pros: Good Location
Cons: Owner is a JOKE
Comment: John is a terrible owner, employs older women who can barely move around.
Pros: NONE
Cons: Arrogant and Rude Owner (Scott Geske), with a multitude of Criminal CONVICTIONS!
Comment: Repeat registered sex offender, and convicted of ALL of the following; Repeat burglaries, stalking, false imprisonment, criminal mischief, assault, grand theft. And, there doesn't seem to be ANY equipment at that location to actually clean clothes! It is a facade. Our clothing has been cleaned at another local dry cleaners and the OWNER TAKES THEM TO HIS HOUSE!!! GROSS AND SICK!!!
Steve boothe06/12/2017
Pros: None
Cons: Claude is a FRAUD!  Scam repair technician.  He did not Test ride my bike, gear hopping immediately, he put on a dry rotted tire that failed after 4 months & approximately 500 miles max, charged $200, took a full week to fix, I had to spend an add'l $58 to replace the WORTHLESS TIRE he put on it but told me, "...like a NEW BIKE" upon pickup.  AVOID!!  Only '1-star' because it is the lowest rating available. 
Pros: Not a bad guy. Always fair. Takes care of problems quickly.
Comment: Ok company
Comment: I love to get my parakeets from Incredible Pets because the get young birds, they clip their wings and put them in an open area so you can see them close up and when you finally decide on one you can pick it up to check it's vent it's eyes, nostrils, ears, beak and also see if it is a biter or not.  Other pet stores won't let you inspect the bird or see if it's a biter. I have gotten very good parakeets at Incredible Pets.  They even called me when they got in their next group of young parakeets.  I love this store and the helpful personnel too. I got an albino parakeet and "Angel" is very happy living with us and Tweetheart.
Travis H06/02/2017
Pros: On time arrival, work done in a timely fashion
Comment: Wow, I wasn't even out of my car and she was screaming about not parking in her lot, what a miserable life she must lead. No ball games or other activities nearby. We were in the neighborhood for about 1 1/2 hours and did see one customer there but she sure was able to keep her parking spots.
Pros: None
Cons: Con artist
Comment: Ripped me off, took my tv apart and said he would get parts...took my money and haven't heard from since...rip off!!!
Pros: Listens, fast, high quality
Comment: Jon helped me get my company on the map. He took all my business information, and within 2 weeks I was very visible online.
Pros: Young man helped track down manager
Cons: Fees increased without explaination. Awful attitude from woman in office. 
Comment: Shady. Cash only. Fees change like the weather.