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Mike Jackson01/04/2017
Pros: Can't complain on anything. They were more than five stars in my opinion
Cons: Recommend on using this Company
Pros: Mold Remediation Miami Fl
Comment: I am really thankful to them they are really genuine and trust able in there work. I highly recommend for those who really have an serious issue regarding Mold in Miami.
Pros: None very lazy
Cons: Does not like people who ride motorcycles
Comment: I needed my battery charged on my bike. This repair shop does not own a battery charger. I plainly saw it in the shop..
Pros: Very nice
Comment: I am from out of town and loved coming here.
J. Smith12/20/2016
Pros: Positive Compliant Department
Comment: I ordered multiple products with them but as I received I found that one of the box of Cabana Pool towels was having less towels as stated over the website complaint them. Their support was too good that they apologized for this issue and also send me a new case of towel with sample of some new products as a sign of gratitude. Personally I liked the way they catered me after the issue raised. Thank You
Chris O Grady12/19/2016
Cons: Impossible to make contact
Comment: I've been online for past few months trying to make contact with this company and I can't find an email address ..can anyone help as I need to get my watch repaired and I live in ireland
Pros: Great Service
Comment: We rented one of the party buses for my birthday it was amazing!
John Elwood 12/13/2016
Pros: Great
Pros: Great, helpful and polite people on phone, Good Quality, Low Price.
Comment: Product Quality is good as I was little shaky because product price was quite reasonable. But found the product quite well, up to my expectation.
S Patel12/07/2016
Pros: Good Customer Support Response, Reliable, Luxury Products (Ryotei Towel, Gel Fiber Pillow, T-300 Sheets, Mikado Mist Amenities), Reasonable Prices, They will arrange any product for you from somewhere else.
Cons: The products they arrange from somewhere else take a little bit more time good thing they inform you about it.
Comment: Found DZEE good and satisfying brand.