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Pros: Amazing Service! Recommend this company to any local shop.
Cons: To be honest, I dont have any cons. Communication has gotten better.
Pros: They will not protect or serve you
Cons: I asked the police if they will protect me if I am being attacked by Turkish bodyguards. They said no. I said good to know, I will make sure to bring something to protect myself with next time I go into DC.
Comment: I would recommend bringing a weapon to DC with you just to be safe, since the police will not protect you. Or don't go all-together.
donna allen08/01/2016
Comment: I scheduled an appointment to replace my office sliding door’s glass. Technician came to the office and gave affordable price and he replaced the glass within a half hour. MWG did a great job.
Comment: Last Monday Suddenly my home's  Sliding door glass is broken, and I am searching glass repairer, at that time I was show professional window glass repair, & I call them, & I got Services at a Same day and also I got result more than expected So I am very thank full to Professional  Glass 
John Smith03/25/2016
Pros: Sandwich Shop
Comment: MGM Roast Beef is a Great place with a bit waiting. Food - wow so delicious, steak was so beautifully cooked and the spinach on the side was full of taste, fries was good temperature and crispy outside. 
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