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Cons: Criminals
Comment: Can't select zero stars
linda hobart12/29/2016
Comment: The individual running the company is very rude and plays favoritism to owners who go along his plans for the condominium and tries to be a tough guy with individuals who go against him. Don't forget "Karma" what goes around comes around.
george mansfield12/29/2016
Comment: The condominium manager is very disrespectful individual hope they replace him soon.
pauline anderson12/29/2016
Comment: Condominium manager a bully to people in the community who want to voice their concerns about the business of the condominium very unprofessional and very intimidating!!!
jason smith12/28/2016
Comment: Manager of Guardian property extremely partial to certain members in the community and a bully to a lot of community members very unprofessional!!
Liza Ash11/10/2016
Comment: Excellent Service by Michaels Limousine on my Wedding. Great Fun.!
Mystic Lama Lady11/08/2016
Pros: Knowledgeable. Patient. Thorough. 
Comment: Dr. Alice Ennis was Awesome with my rescue llama. This was my first time with a serious condition that could have gone bad very quickly. She was thorough and talked me thru the steps I'd need to take to give shots and medications.  She obviously has a tremendous knowledge base and communicates well patiently answering my questions and explaining as needed. She has a great sense of humor which also helped me through.   I highly recommend her for your camelids.
Comment: Birthright is a free community service. Are you worried about an unplanned pregnancy? Call Birthright for free, confidential pregnancy test and help. 1 800 550 4900
Miguel jimenez 09/14/2016
Pros: Arcade is great company my ex still works there she started very young age she has been in that company for about 30years it's a real tool & die one of the best been standing tall for many years. I worked there long time ago. Miguel jimenez
Nita Bhatnagar08/16/2016
Pros: We provide personalized support to families and their loved ones. We offer specialized dementia and alzheimer’s care through programs and training from the Alzhiemr’s Resource Center
Cons: The Bushnell, Foxwoods Casino, Mohegan Sun
Comment: The Bushnell, Foxwoods Casino, Mohegan Sun