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Sophia Hermon05/18/2017
Comment: Awesome wedding event. Wedding limo was well decorated. My husband & i love it & you made the occasion not forgettable for us.
Comment: Great old fashion, small town hardware store with a good selection and excellent service.
Eric Mauer03/08/2017
Pros: Answered the phone on the first call - Very friendly and knowledgeable - explains things in detail so you can understand - very professional 
Comment: I called Chris on a Friday and he came to my house the following Monday to review.  He explained clearly everything that needed to be done and came back the same week to do the work.  Very professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend 
Cons: Criminals
Comment: Can't select zero stars
linda hobart12/29/2016
Comment: The individual running the company is very rude and plays favoritism to owners who go along his plans for the condominium and tries to be a tough guy with individuals who go against him. Don't forget "Karma" what goes around comes around.
george mansfield12/29/2016
Comment: The condominium manager is very disrespectful individual hope they replace him soon.
pauline anderson12/29/2016
Comment: Condominium manager a bully to people in the community who want to voice their concerns about the business of the condominium very unprofessional and very intimidating!!!
jason smith12/28/2016
Comment: Manager of Guardian property extremely partial to certain members in the community and a bully to a lot of community members very unprofessional!!
Liza Ash11/10/2016
Comment: Excellent Service by Michaels Limousine on my Wedding. Great Fun.!
Mystic Lama Lady11/08/2016
Pros: Knowledgeable. Patient. Thorough. 
Comment: Dr. Alice Ennis was Awesome with my rescue llama. This was my first time with a serious condition that could have gone bad very quickly. She was thorough and talked me thru the steps I'd need to take to give shots and medications.  She obviously has a tremendous knowledge base and communicates well patiently answering my questions and explaining as needed. She has a great sense of humor which also helped me through.   I highly recommend her for your camelids.