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Pros: None
Cons: The owner of this company is highly dishonest. Do not do business with this company.
Comment: The owner of this company is highly dishonest. Do not do business with this company.
Marketing Manager06/23/2018
Comment: Learn the history of this Denver, CO spice and private label blending company that also offers access to its cutting-edge R&D team for new product.
Pros: Essential Service Dog Registration Kit is only $54 | 100% No-Risk Guarantee! | Essential Service Dog Registration Kit is only $54 | 10
Comment: The best National Service Animal Registry for dog
Patrick Robb04/21/2018
Pros: None that I am aware of.
Cons: Thief!
Comment: Rebecca Tavis, Owner & Operator of Affordable Upholstery in Elizabeth, Colorado, took $4000 in Deposits (Documented) for Materials needed to fabricate 2 Custom Vehicle Tops in July 2017 ($2K on 7/14 and $2K on 7/25). It was supposed to take 6-8 Weeks. I got nothing but excuses. As of February 17, 2018 she texted (Transcript Printed) I would have a complete refund in 30 Days. Still Nothing. She has refused to make the Tops and refuses to refund the $4K. She is a Thief. Go ANYWHERE BUT Affordable Upholstery and Rebecca Tavis in Elizabeth, Colorado. I will litigate. If the option were available, I would give this UNLICENSED Business a ZERO.
WRONG NUMBER10/24/2017
Comment: WRONG PHONE NUMBER CALL 312-416-3419
Alan Kenny08/02/2017
Pros: Great Customer Service
Cons: None
Johnny 07/10/2017
Pros: Fantastic People. Highly recommended. 
Cons: None 
Comment: If you need wound care this is the place to go.
Pros: They are NOT an actual company
Cons: This is my home phone # stop calling for concrete work
Comment: Seriously. A RESIDENTIAL phone. Just quit!
Anonymous 03/16/2017
Cons: Not respectful, LOTS of loitering going on after hours, bad for the neighborhood especially those trying to sell their homes, not safe for neighborhood children
Comment: If I could give less than one star I would!!!
Tom Aron03/03/2017
Pros: Fantastic Cherry Juice
Comment: Best Fruit Drink & pies ever!