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Patrick Robb04/21/2018
Pros: None that I am aware of.
Cons: Thief!
Comment: Rebecca Tavis, Owner & Operator of Affordable Upholstery in Elizabeth, Colorado, took $4000 in Deposits (Documented) for Materials needed to fabricate 2 Custom Vehicle Tops in July 2017 ($2K on 7/14 and $2K on 7/25). It was supposed to take 6-8 Weeks. I got nothing but excuses. As of February 17, 2018 she texted (Transcript Printed) I would have a complete refund in 30 Days. Still Nothing. She has refused to make the Tops and refuses to refund the $4K. She is a Thief. Go ANYWHERE BUT Affordable Upholstery and Rebecca Tavis in Elizabeth, Colorado. I will litigate. If the option were available, I would give this UNLICENSED Business a ZERO.
WRONG NUMBER10/24/2017
Comment: WRONG PHONE NUMBER CALL 312-416-3419
Alan Kenny08/02/2017
Pros: Great Customer Service
Cons: None
Johnny 07/10/2017
Pros: Fantastic People. Highly recommended. 
Cons: None 
Comment: If you need wound care this is the place to go.
Pros: They are NOT an actual company
Cons: This is my home phone # stop calling for concrete work
Comment: Seriously. A RESIDENTIAL phone. Just quit!
Anonymous 03/16/2017
Cons: Not respectful, LOTS of loitering going on after hours, bad for the neighborhood especially those trying to sell their homes, not safe for neighborhood children
Comment: If I could give less than one star I would!!!
Tom Aron03/03/2017
Pros: Fantastic Cherry Juice
Comment: Best Fruit Drink & pies ever!
Claudia Love09/22/2016
Pros: Worst company ever!
Comment: If you need a real painter. Don't even try to call this company. The owner very rude.
Jess C. 07/17/2016
Cons: Red Flag: Damien took a 537 dollar deposit, I never saw him Again..
Comment: I hired Mr. Damien Gunn of Hardwood Hero Company to re-sand and refinish existing wood floors at my new home. It was a 2-day job, which included sanding, and a poly finish for a total of 1342.50. Mr. Gunn required a 537.00 check upfront for materials before starting the job. He cashed the check immediately from my bank account. Mr. Gunn No Showed 4 days in a row and was difficult to communicate with. When I was finally able to communicate with him that I was dissatisfied with the repetitive No Shows, poor communication, and that I wanted my deposit money back because I was dissatisfied with his service.  Mr. Gunn then stated verbally, a time and date to give me the money that he owes me in person for the amount 537.00 in check. Mr. Gunn never showed up and never returned the 537.00 dollars he owes me.  He will not return my emails and calls in regards to the matter. I lost 537.00, which was a devastating loss as I just bought my first home.  
Butch Kelly03/08/2016
Comment: Young Hard working men, they get it done professionally, and always show up on time!!