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Eric Omstead03/26/2017
Pros: Joe who works at the counter is nice.
Cons: Very slow. Did not fix problem. Tried to overcharge.
Comment: The owner is cruel and abusive,so when you put a stop to their misconduct, h will display the temper of a two-year old.
Pros: seems clean
Cons: make you wait two or more weeks after applying to your insurance for emergency work , and then turn you down because your credit is not good enough.
Comment: Don't seem to care that you are suffering. Very sad.
Pros: Few
Cons: Where do I begin?
Comment: My experience with "doctor" Panah was like a visit to dr. Frankenstein.She is insulting, not at all caring.Just looking at her scared me. She was snyde , disbelieving , and rude. As a doctor, she makes me feel guilty for being there, rather than comforted.I am very upset that such a person could be given the respect most doctors enjoy . I have severe MS , yet was not believed, and accused of being a drug seeker, rather than given a referral or proper testing.She is more interested in being paid to give referrals for disability than in healing those who need it. Never again.
Pros: Beautiful cashier.
Cons: Don't know her name
Comment: Beautiful Syrian princess cashier.
Pros: Fast Approval, Fast Delivery of Funds, Professional, Reasonable Rates
Cons: Vehicle should be less than 10 years old
Comment: I recommend this company if you live in Sherman Oaks and need a quick loan source. I've always been a little skeptical of any quick cash loan places but this company helped ease my mind.
Cons: Poor workmanship. No customer service.
Comment: Sam installed a window at our house. I noticed a hole on the screen window. He asked me to call the window manufacturer directly. The manufacturer does not deal with homeowners directly. He dd not answer phone call and his voice mailbox was full. Also, he forgot to smooth out the chalk on one side of the window. Texted him a photo. Never heard from him again. Terrible service.
Duan Smith02/19/2017
Comment: Andrew Hong CPA, LLC is dedicated to providing small and mid-sized businesses with the highly accurate, critical financial information they need to succeed, delivered with personalized client service. They work individually with their clients to truly understand their unique situations and needs, developing personalized solutions to help them achieve their goals. Honest and Dependable – I have been a client of Andrew Hong CPA for about 2 years. Always a pleasure to work with such fair and honest hard working people. If you are looking for another cpa firm, then there is Velin and Associates, Inc; which offers trust-worthy services. Source : http://losangelescpafirm.blogspot.com/
Long Duc Dong02/18/2017
Pros: Nothing
Cons: All of the books of Entuala Kongo suck and are full of spelling errors and have no useful information. All he talks about is how everyone else sucks and he is the best. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this loser as possible. He will cheat you and then do witchcraft to you.