Victoria Boarding Kennels

AddressN5699 850th StCity, Region, ZIPElk Mound, WI, 54739
(715) 879-5375
Dog Boarding, Dog Kennels, Exotic Pet Stores, Pet Boarding Kennels
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    Every thing 
    Would give this a NEGATIVE 13 star review but I can’t. She is a rude pig! We stopped to get gas at the gas station across the street from her property and I got outside and took my dog for a walk because we were diriving for a while so I let my dog lead the way and she went across the street and I didn’t touch her property, I was at the on the road while my dog walked. She(my dog) stepped not even 2 feet on her property and she ran outside and she SCREAMED at me, “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!!! THIS IS PRIVTE PROPERTY!!!” My dog didn’t even go to the bathroom on her front lawn. Then she was running back and forth in her lawn like a crazy person. Then she ran to her fence and was taking picture of our car and I didn’t even have my front plates on so she was only taking picture of a black car. Then we drove over there and then she starts screaming AGAIN. I honestly think she is on drugs(most likely is because she acted like it) and is an absolute INSANE person in a bad way! You should NEVER EVER use her service she might kill your dog/animal. BY THE WAY  did I mention my dog was a small 10 pound thing. ALSO IM 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! Thank you and never thrust her with you pet.