Glorioso, Louis, DDS

Address7111 Brecksville Rd Ste 4City, Region, ZIPIndependence, OH, 44131
(216) 524-7272
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  • Ouch
    ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GO TO THIS DENTIST. Dr Glorioso: failed to diagnose and treat a problem tooth, resulting in costly removal and repair; performed a root canal - WITHOUT CONSENT - in a substandard and inadequate manner, as assessed by another dentist and a specialist; refuses to refund the cost of the original root canal (which had to be redone in less than six months); has refused to provide copies of my medical records (in direct violation of HIPAA law); and will not return my calls or messages. The risks, pain, suffering, difficulty eating for more than a year, repeatedly missed work, affects on my physical and emotional health, and expenses (upwards of $9,000 out of pocket) and resulting financial hardships I have endured are the direct result of Dr. Glorioso’s negligent and substandard care.