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Address30 Mill StCity, Region, ZIPRochdale, MA, 01542
(508) 892-1308
Coopers Furniture, Furnitue, Furniture Store, Furniture Stores, Used Furniture Stores, Wicker Furniture, Wicker Outdoor Furniture
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    Drove by here a few years ago and decided to stop in and look around. I met the owner Scott that day whom I was immediately impressed with. He was very honest and showed me all around the whole warehouse. I left on that day, but have returned many times since then! I've purchased a power recliner sofa that sells for twice the cost. I also bought the chair that goes with it. That was four years ago. The sofa and chair were, and still are excellent pieces of furniture that have served me and my family very well. Everyone who sits on them remarks how much they like them. I bought a very nice leather recliner chair and a separate leather ottoman from Scott on another visit last year. I've referred friends that I talk to that tell me their in the market for furniture or mattresses. I decided to write this review because I'm now looking to buy both a Queen and full size mattress for my daughters bedrooms, and possibly adding a new sofa to our living room. Furniture Now is my first stop. Thank you Scott for saving me a lot of money over the last several years! Best regards, Kevin S.