Address1324 W Main StCity, Region, ZIPCabot, AR, 72023
(501) 843-7532
Food, Gas Stations, Harps Food Stores Weekly Ads, Jp Flash Market 392, Kerosene Gas Stations, Natural Gas Companies, Oil And Gas Companies, Valero Gas
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  • Unhappy patron
    It is 2/8/17 @ 9:50pm and I was verbally assaulted by the cashier for using the restroom cause SHE needed to use it. I was in there 11 min. She tried the door several times just causing me hightend anxiety. I seriously did not want to be in a public restroom let alone a womens single toilet @ gas station and get sick. When I mentioned something to her stressing my apologies, even though she was the one jiggling the door what seemed like every 2 min, she blasted at me at a hightend tone, not a yell but, a raised voice, "you were in there freakin thirty minutes!" I said "there is a mens room ya know" she said "what lady wants to use a nasty men's room, are you dense!" I said, "yes I have sense, I have class, I have common curteosy, I had a shower AND I HAVE MY TEETH!" Sorry, I feel bad about the last part and that I let her push pull down to her level. I just lost it. I will NEVER go back in there if I see her working. It's a very clean gas station bathroom as in nothing smeared on the walls and your feet don't stick to the floor. But, I don't care if you make minimum wage, you just don't talk to people that way. Avoid this gas station at night especially when there's a short hair slightly curly, unkempt girl with half her teeth, tattoos that talks too much.