Dalton Flooring Design

Address506 Hanover CtCity, Region, ZIPWoodstock, GA, 30188
(404) 597-8373
Commercial Industrial Flooring Contractors, Hardwood Floor Refinishing
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  • Layla Anderson
    The reason for the 1 star is because the owner of this business also owns another business called American Design and Construction Group, LLC; I want anyone considering hiring this company to know about my bad experience with his other company, American Design and Construction Group, LLC. In my opinion, the owner bills for the work that he hasn't fully completed. I think that he's running some type of scheme where what he says verbally and what's actually on paper and discussed are different. I also believes he premeditates cases from start to finish as soon as he arrives at the house. For example, as soon as he gets to your home, I believe he may begin building a case from the start. Who wants to pay attorney's fees and the cost of getting home repairs done. Mr. Clark placed a lien on my home. Even though the work he was hired to do was an insurance claim, he demanded payment before the insurance checks could be signed by the mortgage company and filed a lawsuit in court. If you review his public record files, you may find a history of lawsuits filed against him. He is also a convicted felon. Mr. Clark has criminal convictions that include forgery, theft by taking, abandonment, and burglary. I don't want anyone else to have to endure what I went through with Mr. Clark. I believe that he made threats against me causing me to fear for my safety in my own home. In my opinion, his behavior throughout the entire thing was more than unprofessional. I think anyone who deals with this buster is gonna end up going to court, enduring legal fees, experience emotional distress, and agony. I think he appears to have a lot of information regarding how to get a home foreclosed on, how to committ insurance fraud, how to deceive homeowners so that he can rip them off; In my opinion, he will use this information against the homeowner and anyone in his path.