Kelley's Custom Pools & Spa's

Address414 Dogwood WayCity, Region, ZIPCanton, GA, 30114
(770) 704-6675
Aquaholics Pool Co, Pool Supplies, Pool Water, Poolga, Residential Construction Contractors, Swimming Pool Construction, Swimming Pool Dealers, Swimming Pool Equipment Supplies, Swimming Pool Supplies
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  • Kevin
    Extremely Slow, Doesn’t pay workers, Doesn’t answer calls, texts, or emails. Makes false promises. Is always “out of cell phone range” 
    We signed a contract in April and it’s almost Christmas with a loooong ways to go. There is almost no communication, once he has your money he no longer cares. We are currently awaiting a delivery of travertine that was “supposedly” ordered in August. We’ve been asking for months (no exaggeration) about the status of the delivery and were finally told it was going to be delivered last week. That was another lie in a long line of many lies. Our phone calls go unanswered, our text messages are ignored, emails ignored stay away from this contractor! The icing on the cake is that he accuses his contractors of stealing to get away with not paying them. So then they will harass you for months asking for payments. He then tries to get you to “go along” with his story about them stealing telling them we had them on camera. We did not and did not go along with his “story”. Find anyone else!